Friday, December 3, 2010

Straight Line Offers Press Release Distribution Services for Startup Companies

Straight Line Offers Press release distribution services at Affordable costs for everyone from small to medium sized companies.

Mumbai, India, November 24, 2010 -- Straight Line Public Relations one of the leading Press release distribution services from India, providing Press release distribution services for everyone, from small to medium sized companies for Affordable cost.

Straight Line PR will get your Press releases in the media spotlight by publishing it to 70+ popular and respected, good page ranking & heavy traffic Press release websites for just $10 USD. You will see an almost overnight improvement in the amount and quality of the traffic to your website. Let it be announcement of new products or achievement of business milestones or creating great online brand awareness, there is no other SEO strategy that can match the effectiveness of Press Release Distribution. In fact Press Release Distribution is the most economical method to build great online presence in no time.

Search engines will give more importance to your website when they see links to your website from these 70+ Free Press release channels. Your site gradually acquires better Page Rank. Good page rank is important to get better position when someone searches Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. This process is also called SEO (search engine optimization). Visitors to 70+ free press release sites reading your press releases may also visit your website. As a net effect, your site starts attracting more and more traffic from direct and search users.

Straight Line PR now offers two distribution packages. For more information about their distribution plans please visit:

"The policy of our company is to acheive total customers delight by distributing quality Press releases that meets or exceeds their expectations through right time" Stated John M Paul,CEO & Founder of  Straight Line Public Relations. He continues "We are not only distributing Press releases, we are in plan to make your Press releases as an announcements in Tv, Radio and other media possibities places at affordable cost."

If someone is looking for effective distribution services on your Press releases, please don't hesitate to contact Mr.John M Paul, For detailed information please visit

John M Paul
CEO & Founder
Straight Line Public Relations
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400069