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SAFE International Launches Mississauga Private Self Defense Lessons – Mississauga, ON Self Defense

SAFE International is expanding its seminar options to include private self defense lessons in Mississauga, ON.

Mississauga, ON, March 12, 2012 - (Straight Line PR) - Mississauga Self Defense, SAFE International Launches Mississauga Private Self Defense Lessons

SAFE International ™ is the leading provider of mobile self defense/personal protection training in Ontario. SAFE International has taught more than 150,000 clients in the private, corporate and high school environments since 1994. SAFE International is expanding its seminar options to include private self defense lessons in Mississauga, ON.

SAFE International realizes that both women and men don’t necessarily want to join a martial arts club, or even take a public self defense seminar. SAFE International provides their mobile self defense right in the home. This allows SAFE International instructors to tailor the course based on the specific needs and concerns of the client. Self defense training in the home allows the client to be completely relaxed and comfortable training, without being self-conscious of others who might be watching in a public self defense course.

One of the reasons that SAFE International enjoys teaching private self defense Mississauga, is how receptive men and women are to the skills that the SAFE International instructors provide. SAFE International teaches self defense concepts, rather than techniques. This allows the client to learn in a much shorter time. While some people have hours to dedicate to training, SAFE International can offer some basic, but effective self defense concepts in just a few hours.

SAFE International always covers Awareness and Avoidance strategies which are based on one's daily routines such as using elevators, car safety, home safety, plus much more. We examine what an attacker looks for, what an attacker wants and doesn't want in confrontation. One of the biggest topics we explore is how most people are too polite, even when their intuition is telling them the complete opposite. We cover the most common distraction techniques an attacker will use to gain an advantage such as asking for directions or the time. The next stage is verbal strategies in the event that avoidance is no longer possible. Rather than just teaching to yell at a potential attacker, SAFE International covers a few verbal strategies based on the aggressor and the scenario.

The third step is addressing the physical aspect of Mississauga private self defense lessons. Instructors begin with the advantages of adopting a passive stance rather than an aggressive stance. SAFE teaches gross motor strikes due to the adrenal rush one gets when they are in a highly stressful state such as an attack scenario. Complex skills are proven to be ineffective in the high stress of real violence. The main philosophy taught is to “Attack the Attacker" which reverses one from being the Prey, to that of being the Predator.

SAFE International does not teach martial arts, but rather, practical, easy to adopt and highly effective concepts. Mississauga Private Self Defense is available to individuals, families, couples, or friends.

SAFE International has taught more than 150,000 clients including mothers, fathers, daughters, police officers, seniors, and people with disabilities. To contact SAFE International and Chris Roberts to schedule your Self Defense Private lessons, you can visit their main site at

You can also reach Chris Roberts toll free at 1-800-465-5972 or by email at

Chris Roberts
SAFE International™
15535 Cooper Rd.
Lunenburg, ON
Canada K0C 1R0
1 800 465-5972

AAA agrees that 2012 could be a Great year for Wine investment

vAn interview with UK-based wine investment fund, Vin-X’s founder and director, Peter Shakeshaft in has underlined the benefits of investing in wine in the current economic climate, claims AAA.

Boston, MA, March 16, 2012 - An interview with UK-based wine investment fund, Vin-X’s founder and director, Peter Shakeshaft in has underlined the benefits of investing in wine in the current economic climate, claims Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA).

AAA is an alternative investment advocacy group that supports many kinds of alternative investments, including ethical and impact investing. It’s analysis partner, Anthony Johnson, said, “many more investors are looking to alternative assets these days thanks to the volatility of the stock markets. Alternatives such as forestry, wine, art, commodities, currencies and real estate are attractive to those who want to spread the risk in their portfolios and protect against the impact of macro economic factors,” he explained.

Mr Shakeshaft said that investing in wine is a new market and that those who are new to this market will benefit from “dipping their toe” and beginning with investments of around £1,000 to £3,000 to increase their knowledge of the asset class and the market. He went on to add that 2012 could be the best year for investing in wine since 1993. He told “One reason [that 2012 could be a good year for investment] is that in 2011, the market had only its third price correction in 25 years.

“This means there are some superb opportunities in the market at the moment,” he added.

He also talked about how the consumption of wine in the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) is also adding to the value of some high-end wines. He went on to add that the entry level for investment is from around £1,000 and that returns are typically in double digits.

Another popular alternative that has similar entry requirements and returns is forestry investment. Investing in timber, through schemes such as those run by Greenwood Management in Brazil, can offer investors a tangible asset for which demand is growing rapidly, said AAA.

Anthony Johnson
Alternative Asset Analysis
71 Commercial St
Boston, MA 02109-1320

Bryant & Stratton College Online Hosts Free Webinar on How to Write an Effective Resume

March 21 webinar will show prospective students and job seekers how to create a resume that grabs employers’ attention in 30 seconds

Buffalo, NY, March 15, 2012 - Bryant & Stratton College Online, a leader in online associate’s degree programs, will host a free webinar for current and prospective students who are seeking tips on writing a better resume. The webinar, titled “Writing Effective Resumes,” will be held on Wednesday, March 21, from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. EDT. The webinar will cover a variety of topics that will help attendees make their resume stand out during the job search process.

Job seekers who attend the webinar will learn the do’s and don’ts of preparing an effective resume. Other highlights from the free event include:

* Understanding resumes as a marketing tool for “brand you”

* The basic sections of a resume and what each section should communicate about a job applicant

* How to identify key strengths to include in a resume and stand out to employers

* How to integrate keywords into a resume to ensure the content matches what employers are looking for

The webinar will be presented by Dr. Kristina Nelson, Online Instructor at Bryant & Stratton College. Dr. Nelson has taught online for over ten years. She earned an M.A. and B.A. in English literature and composition from California State San Bernardino, an M.A. in history from American Public University, an M.S. in psychology from California Coast and a doctorate in educational technology from Northcentral University.

“Resumes are personal advertisements to that should get potential employers excited about the product, in this case the job applicant. Research shows that recruiters only spend about 30 seconds scanning a resume before placing it in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ pile, so today’s candidates have to ensure their resume gives a good impression immediately,” said Dr. Nelson. “Too many job seekers today view their resume as a tool for highlighting what makes them great, but a resume should focus on the potential employer and what a candidate can do to add to their business. This webinar will teach students and job seekers to view the resume and application process from the employer’s perspective.”

Current and prospective students interested in learning how to write an effective resume are invited to register for the free webinar at For those unable to attend, a recorded version of the webinar as well as highlights from the webinar will be available to download at after March 21.

Bryant & Stratton College was founded in 1854 and is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. For more information about Bryant & Stratton College and its online degree programs, visit

About Bryant & Stratton College Online
Bryant & Stratton College is a private career college delivering outcomes based education and training through a flexible, contemporary curriculum in a personalized environment.  The College is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and has locations in New York, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin, as well as an Online Education division, and a Professional Skill Center. For over 155 years, Bryant & Stratton College has been providing real world education leading to bachelor’s and associate’s degrees and professional certificates. Bryant & Stratton College Online offers 5 online bachelor’s degree programs, eleven online associate’s degree programs and eleven online certificate programs in a variety of fields including business, criminal justice, financial services, healthcare, human resources and information technology. Some online programs are not yet available in all states. For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of graduates and other important information, please visit  General information about Bryant & Stratton College and its online degrees can also be found at

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Luxury Travel Ltd Seeks Growth With New Travel Products in Laos

Luxury Travel Ltd launched a number of exciting Laos tours for 2012-2013.

Hanoi, Vietnam, March 15, 2012 - Vietnam – based Luxury Travel Ltd ( is a long established Asian specialist in luxury privately guided and fully bespoke holidays in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. Luxury Travel Ltd launched a number of exciting Laos tours for 2012-2013.

A number of exciting Laos luxury tours include Discover Laos in Style 10 days (Trip Code DLIS10), Northern Laos Explorer 11 Days 10 Nights (Trip Code ENLE11), Laos Luxury Adventure Tour from South to North by Overland 12 days (Trip Code LLATSN12).

"For many travelers, the image of this landlocked country is laid-back, serene, rustic, and mountainous in the bank of Mekong River. Laos keeps its ancient charm largely intact. Though small, the country has an exceptionally varied topography, which in turn has led to a multilayered culture. Landlocked Laos has not the coastline and beach but this country does have four thousand islands in South Laos and has the Khonephabangeng fall, the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia. Apart from the 4000 islands, southern Laos’s main attraction is the temple of Wat Phou, a World Heritage listed site, in Champasak,"’said David Nguyen Sales and Marketing Manager of Luxury Travel Ltd

"Discerning travelers look for an authentic travel experience in and focus on the whole experience and tend to be cash-rich and time-poor, and are happy to pay luxury travel advisors to take the time putting tours together for them. Those experiences that no one else can provide. lt's authenticity coupled with luxury,” added Pham Ha, Founder and CEO of Luxury Travel Ltd.

Luxury Travel Ltd ( is a long established specialist in luxury privately guided and fully bespoke holidays in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. Luxury Travel is excellent in designing tailor-made tours and providing unique travel experiences to fulfill the most sophisticated traveler’s expectations. Luxury Travel Ltd won numerous travel awards for excellent performance including the most recent award: Best Luxury Tour Operator in Vietnam.

David Nguyen
Luxury Travel Group Ltd
5 Nguyen Truong To Street
Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi 84444

GoingOn & ASU Announce Free Webinar on How to Better Engage Faculty Across Campuses

Webinar will discuss how Arizona State University is using social technologies to improve faculty communications and collaboration

San Francisco, CA, March 14, 2012 - GoingOn Networks today announced that on March 27, 2012, in conjunction with the Sloan Consortium, it is hosting a free webinar led by Sarah Krznarich, Assistant Director of Student Engagement at ASU Online. The webinar, “Utilizing Social Technologies to Improve Faculty Communications and Collaboration,” will be at 2pm EDT and will explore how ASU is using modern online, social technologies to foster faculty engagement and resource sharing. The session will offer ASU’s lessons learned, established best practices and forward-looking strategies.

“Social technologies offer institutions an incredible opportunity to empower and engage faculty across campuses,” said Sarah Krznarich, Assistant Director of Student Engagement at ASU Online. “At ASU, we're using this technology to streamline faculty communications and provide easier ways for people to collaborate around curricula and grant writing.”

During the webinar, Krznarich will discuss ASU’s experience in implementing an academic engagement network and how these new communication platforms are changing – and improving – academic collaboration. Potential uses for student deployment will be discussed during the webinar as well.

“Today, promoting cohesion and collaboration across your programs and faculty is both more critical - and more challenging - than ever before,” said Melissa Loble, Vice President of Client Strategy at GoingOn Networks. “However, while there are obstacles to creating a connected campus, solutions do exist to help colleges and universities improve faculty communications. Emerging academic engagement networks are proving to be a highly effective way to drive campus-wide collaboration.”

In this 60-minute webinar, participants will:

* Learn about the emerging role of the academic engagement network in higher education, and its growing role in fostering vibrant faculty connections & collaboration

* Discuss how to dramatically simplify communication between faculty and administration by eliminating institutionalized-SPAM

* Explore ways to improve grant outcomes by better coordinating cross-disciplinary programs, ideas and resources

* Identify strategies to empower faculty by providing more effective tools for sharing ideas, curriculums and learning objects across like faculty

* Discover how to foster a more engaged faculty by improving alignment across institution and program level goals, initiatives and best practices

* Learn how to promote the creation of expanded faculty profiles, portfolios and peer networks

The webinar is designed to provide actionable information for professionals from the office of the CIO, academic affairs and continuing education, provosts, chancellors and deans of faculty and others who are interested in finding an effective way to significantly improve faculty connection and engagement, curriculum sharing and grant collaboration across their institutions. For more information or to register for the webinar, visit

To learn more about GoingOn Networks and its Academic Engagement Network, go to

About GoingOn Networks, Inc.
GoingOn is an innovative academic social networking platform that enables students, faculty and administrators to more effectively connect, collaborate and learn. GoingOn offers the first fully integrated platform for higher education that enables institutions to build an internal academic network where students and faculty can more easily share resources, create online communities and curate their academic connections, while keeping them separate from their personal social networks. The GoingOn platform combines a powerful community-building environment with integrated academic networking features and a modern stream-based architecture that allows any type of information, activity or event to be easily published to communities, user groups or to a user’s personalized Virtual Commons. Delivered as an on-demand solution leveraging open source foundations and incorporating leading-edge social web technologies, the GoingOn platform can easily be integrated into existing LMS and SISs and deployed as a single community or an institution-wide network.  For more information, please visit

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