Friday, February 18, 2011

International Astrological Scholarships to be Awarded for First Time in History by the RASA School of Astrology

RASA School of Astrology, an internationally recognized accredited school of astrology.

Toronto, ON, Canada, February 15, 2011 -- RASA School of Astrology, an internationally recognized accredited school of astrology.

RASA School of Astrology is awarding scholarships to students around the world. Two scholarships will be awarded per country world-wide. This represents a total of $392,000 in grants spread across 196 countries. The awards cover the cost of the four year curriculum. It is the first global astrology scholarship program in history.

This represents a significant upgrading of the status of astrology in today’s world. The program will make the serious study of astrology available around the world and assist in developing meaningful careers in the field of astrology. The scholarship program reaches beyond inequalities of national currencies, opening the door to students from poorer countries.

Computer technology has brought astrology out of the dark ages of hand calculations. Properly calculated horoscopes are now economically available to the average person. Access to good astrology study programs is still relatively expensive and it takes years of study to become a competent astrologer. The RASA School of Astrology scholarships are intended to provide professional development and credibility in this rapidly evolving field.

Most universities do not offer courses on astrology, with the exception, perhaps, of those in India and of Kepler College in the United States. Libraries being the caretakers of accumulated knowledge have preserved vast amounts of astrological material. The Library of Congress, the British Library, libraries in Madrid and in the Vatican, all contain particularly large collections of astrology books.

To try to understand the world before 1500, without some understanding of astrology would fallacy. Calendars and almanacs were developed under the auspices of astrology. Ancient priests, wise men and shamans were also healers and astrologers. Astrology has been called the mother of all sciences, as it is the precursor of them. Mathematics, astronomy, biology, agriculture, medicine, philosophy, religion, music, theatre, literature, and architecture all have roots in astrology.

The field of astrology includes both objective and subjective perspectives, including aspects of both science and religion. Astrology is a far vaster and more inclusive field of study than it is generally given credit for.

During the 15th century renaissance, the invention of the printing press ushered in the age of the written word. During the last half of the 20th century to the present, the invention of the computer has ushered in the age of the bitten word. Information is now becoming available that has been isolated or obscured for hundreds of years. Material on the validity and history of astrology is revitalizing an interest in the language of the stars. Against the groundswell of popular identification with astrology, institutions are developing where people can study to become competent astrologers.

The curriculum of the RASA School of Astrology was certified by Professional Astrologers Inc. It offers a four year course with 350 hours of class instruction. A detailed curriculum can be seen on the school website at

Robin Armstrong, the founder and President of RASA has been teaching since 1973. Robin ran an astrological library for thirty years, and has lists of the astrological contents from several of the world’s larger libraries, including the Vatican.

Lisa Swarbrick
RASA School of Astrology
91B Edward St.
Aurora, ON L4G 1W1

Tour Operator Travcoa Announces Savings for Single Travelers

Luxury tour operator Travoca has announced a 50 percent reduction in the supplements for single travelers on eight, small-group Escorted Journeys departing through September, 2011.

El Segundo, CA, February 18, 21011 -- Luxury tour operator Travoca has announced a 50 percent reduction in the supplements for single travelers on eight, small-group Escorted Journeys departing through September, 2011. The company further plans an ongoing campaign in 2011 and 2012 to reduce the supplements typically paid by single travelers.

"Travcoa’s small-group Escorted Journeys have always been a popular choice for single travelers due to the services and attention of a Travcoa Travel Director and because we always ensure our singles get exactly the same room categories and benefits as other travelers." said Travcoa president Jerre Fuqua, "We’re now doubling our efforts with hotel partners to reduce rates and make Travcoa journeys an even greater value for the single traveler in the coming years."

Eight select departure dates are being offered to Travcoa single travelers at the 50 percent single supplement discount in 2011. The journeys, listed in detail on the company website at , include a balance of classic European destinations and more adventurous journeys in Asia and Africa. Savings for single travelers on these departures range from approximately $500 to almost $1000:

Ancient Crossroads of Turkey & Armenia departing May 12, 2011 features the unique cultural, historical and geological highlights of Turkey and Armenia.

Undiscovered Italy departing June 24, 2011 voyages along the beautiful Italian east coast visiting historic and charming but less visited town and villages.

Timeless Namibia by Private Plane departing June 18, 2011 explores the fascinating cultures, wildlife and landscapes of one of Africa’s most beautiful countries.

Splendors of Sicily departing June 24, 2011 features a unique blend of history with the famous hospitality, food and wines of the legendary island.

North Korea departing September 11, 2011 allows a first-hand, insider’s view of this complex, enigmatic nation.

Resplendent Russia departing September 1, 2011 offers a luxurious and in-depth view of Russia’s rich history and artistic treasures.

Albania, Macedonia & Beyond departing September 16, 2011 explores the fascinating cultures and historic sites of a rarely visited region.

The Nile Revealed departing September 4, 2011 provides an insider’s view on a classic journey through 5000 years of history.

Due to limited room availability at many of the smaller properties used on Travcoa’s journeys, single traveler offers are subject to availability and may be capacity controlled. For more information about current and future single travel offers see or contact Travcoa reservations at 800-992-2003.

About Travcoa
Travcoa has been leading in-depth explorations of the world’s most interesting destinations since 1954, and offers three types of travel experiences around the globe: small-group "Escorted Journeys" with comprehensive itineraries and guided by professional Travel Directors; "Private Journeys" for independent travelers who prefer an exclusive traveling party and departure date; and "Expeditions" to remote destinations and events around the world using specially configured Boeing 757s, expedition cruise ships or classic airliners. For more information and to order a brochure visit or call (800) 992-2005.

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