Thursday, November 8, 2012

Marcos Ayala, the Tango sensation, dazzles the audience in Europe after a successful year

In March, Marcos performed as Artistic Director and main dancer with his own company Tango Llovers in the most important Theater in Montevideo.

Warsaw, November 08, 2012 - At the start of an intensive tour with a renowned Argentinean Tango company, Marcos Ayala, the young Tango Sensation captures the attention and gets a standing applause of the public in the most renowned theatres of Poland.

For this young Argentine talent, 2012 has been a very active year which started with Tango Pasion on a Tour in Canada, and then he was called to star in Chantecler, a Tango musical along with Mora Godoy, the renowned Tango icon to start a successful season at the Presidente Alvear theater at Calle Corrientes in Buenos Aires which later received multiple awards.

In March, Marcos performed as Artistic Director and main dancer with his own company Tango Lovers in the most important Theater in Montevideo.

After his successful season with Chantecler, Marcos Ayala continues in the Mora Godoy Tango Dance Company as first dancer and Mora’s dance partner, touring in Chile and Argentina within the context of a cultural bridge created by city Government of Buenos Aires and the provinces in Argentina.. This bridge allowed open Tango classes to the public and, through competition, the program allowed new talent recruiting in each of the provinces where Marcos served as main jury.

Meanwhile, in the month of August, Marcos performed with great success in Miami and New York, to amaze the public with his enormous talent, energy and youth. This time Marcos invited Mora Godoy to participate with Tango Lovers (Enamorados del Tango) making a remarkable artistic couple.

Marcos Ayala’s career path has led him to make presentations to important personalities such as Liza Minnelli when she visited Buenos Aires last October.

Once again in October, he directed Tango Lovers (Enamorados del Tango) and enchanted the audience of the Auditorio Nacional Adela Reta in Montevideo with a renewed, vibrant and dynamic show boasting a cast of the highest levels.

"This European tour is the fulfillment of one of my goals but is the start of a personal project that I will keep developing with my company Tango Lovers (Enamorados del Tango) since I aim to share our culture around the globe through Tango, the most sensual and passionate dance of the world” said Marcos Ayala during a pause while a fervent audience applauded him and his artistic partner in this tour, the sculptural and talented Argentinean dancer Paola Camacho.

Marcos Ayala will tour with Tango Pasion from November until March around Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Morocco, Switzerland and France. Then, in April he will be performing with his own company Tango Lovers (Enamorados del Tango) in major cities in the United States. Another intense year for the Argentinean Tango Sensation, Marcos Ayala.
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