Friday, August 9, 2013

Presenting an Exciting Addition to all Poetry Lovers’ Collections

Presenting an exciting addition to all poetry lovers’ collections: “Believe, Achieve and Forgive! No Fear, No Trust, No Requests.” by Serge and Kristina Lapytski

New York, NY, August 10, 2013 - Do you love poetry, philosophy or rhymes? Do you have your own view on life events? Need some new riddles to pass the time? Then get acquainted with this deeply stunning and thoughtful poetry book which highlights such topics as love, friendship, politics, and life situations. The poems are meant to be inspirational, encouraging and motivational by posing truth seeking questions to which the reader finds the answers.

Take a look at some examples from the book:

Even in front of a crowd I do not have any doubt I can say very loud:"Mom, you made me proud!"

“Say what you think...” But there is a price to pay Then do not drink And “think what you say...”

When she says: “Honey” I know something is coming up And run to her like a bunny What if she beats me up?

Enough is enough - it is time to be tough No frustration - just determination This time Ray you are right A fortune comes to those who fight...

A golden cage is still a cage From every standpoint We live in a difficult age I hope you see my point

This collection of poems is meant to provide every reader with a unique perspective on life events. Perhaps it will inspire you to write something yourself…

Take a break and get lost in this world of poetry! Enjoy!

For more information or to view other titles by the same author please visit:

Serge Lapytski
New York, NY 10017