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RedEye Makes Behavioural Email easy

New Behavioural Email onDemand is so simple companies could be sending automated email triggers within 24 hours

Crewe, Cheshire, December 16, 2010 -- Today RedEye unveils its new product designed to make behavioural email campaigns available to all ecommerce brands. New research* shows only 7% of UK retail companies use abandoned basket emails (one of the simplest behavioural targeting triggers) to recover online sales. Therefore RedEye’s new product Behavioural Email onDemand is urgently needed to follow up the massive problem of abandoned baskets, which are otherwise lost sales.

85% of customers abandon an online purchase. However the vast majority of ecommerce brands do nothing to recapture these lost sales. With drop-off customers proven to be a most profitable subset, Behavioural Email onDemand is reacting to market requirements by providing an easy way to start targeting them. Behavioural email has been around for 10 years, yet it’s still extremely underutilised. It’s the best way of boosting click-throughs, conversions and, hence, ROI in email marketing.

For years, RedEye has offered its full-scale behavioural marketing, analytics and usability service to hundreds of larger ecommerce brands - now it is offering its behavioural service in a ‘lite’ version with automated triggers, which is especially good as an abandoned booking recovery system. Behavioural Email onDemand is not just for SMEs, but for big brands that think they can’t afford it, or perceive it be too complicated. It is designed as an intuitive self-service product, with support provided by expert RedEye consultants.

Mark Patron, CEO at RedEye, says: "It’s behavioural email made easy. onDemand enables companies to take their first steps in behavioural and see immediate results, with incremental revenue from otherwise lost sales.

"Marketers should ask themselves if they are happy converting just 2% to 3% of their website traffic - if the answer is no, they can now try this free solution."

Behavioural targeting is all about relevance! With basket/order abandoners, these ‘nearly-customers’ have shown serious interest in your brand, so any timely communication with them by default is directly relevant and highly likely to be acted upon (click-throughs have proven to be up to 60% and conversion rates 15%).

Behavioural Email onDemand is so simple to setup that new users could be sending automated email triggers within 24 hours. RedEye provides tags to start tracking abandoners and a simple system to build and send email campaigns.  The tags are as easy to set up as Google analytics. There are no ESP integration fees and the onDemand programmes can work alongside any existing email campaigns.

Companies can try it free for a month, and quickly improve ROI. If they choose to proceed after the trial, the simple nature of the set up allows RedEye to keep ongoing costs aggressively low.  The cost of implementing one trigger is just £500 per month, with a 50% discount off any additional single trigger programmes purchased after your first order.

"We’re predicting a lot of take up. Brands are currently doing nothing to retrieve lost online sales. We are providing a way for companies to test the success of using simple automated email for free, potentially generating huge extra revenue. Companies will start to see results in just a few days." adds Mark.

*RedEye’s latest report ‘Behavioural Email Benchmark Study’ researched over 200 retail, insurance and gambling websites and email practices. The study includes a look at the complete IMRG Hitwise list of the top 100 online retailers. Key findings highlight behavioural targeting is still in its infancy: Only 7% of retail companies use abandoned basket email triggers 29% of retailers sent no ‘welcome emails’ Only 9% of online insurance companies use a ‘quote not buy’ email While gambling websites are more sophisticated in their use of email marketing only 30% sent out a specific ‘register not deposit’ email.

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About RedEye
RedEye is the leader in behavioural email. Behavioural email integrates web analytics data with email marketing to send relevant and targeted email campaigns based on a user’s individual online browsing behaviour (eg. basket abandonment email). Sending email campaigns based on site behaviour and personalising from data can drive a 30-40% increase in response and conversion.

RedEye was established in 1997. In 2001 Redeye launched the first behavioural email campaign for William Hill. In 2005 the company  bought e-relationship marketing Ltd ‘e-rm’ and began the drive towards integrating email and web analytics in order to increase the return on investment for customers. Capabilities grew and in 2006 a unique behavioural email marketing solution became available. During this time optimum.web Ltd also became part of RedEye, expanding RedEye’s services to website usability. In November 2010, RedEye launched Behavioural Email onDemand, a self service solution enabling online companies run basic behavioural email campaigns.

Jim Buchanan
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07725 257194 Releases The Ultimate Trumpet Wedding Book for Trumpet Players

Trumpet educatorMichael Droste has released a new book called: "The Ultimate Trumpet Wedding Book". This book includes five of the most requested wedding pieces for services.

Bartlett, IL, December 16, 2010 -- Trumpet educator Michael Droste has released a new book called: "The Ultimate Trumpet Wedding Book." This book includes five of the most requested wedding pieces for services. Each piece is written in four different keys and includes all the parts for trumpet and keyboard.  The five pieces are:

Trumpet Voluntary by Purcell/Clarke (the four keys for trumpet and keyboard are: Ab, Bb, C, and D)

Trumpet Tune by Purcell/Clarke (the four keys for trumpet and keyboard are: Bb, C, F, and G)

Wedding March by Mendelssohn (the four keys for trumpet and keyboard are: C, D, F, and G)

Rondeau Theme by Mouret (the four keys for trumpet and keyboard are: A, Bb, C, and D)

Bridal Chorus by Wagner (the four keys for trumpet and keyboard are: Bb, C, Eb, and G)

The main benefits of this book are that because each piece is written in four different keys, it allows the player to choose whatever key that is most comfortable to perform. The player is also able to choose a key that is in the player’s range. "I would get so many emails from trumpet players all over the world, looking for the standard wedding pieces in a more accessible key," said Droste. After doing research, and finding that none existed, he solved this problem for trumpet players permanently. Droste stated, "One simply has to try the different versions, find the one they are most comfortable with,then go play the wedding gig!" Since releasing this book he has received many thank you notes from all levels of players that have been asked to perform for a wedding service.

About was founded by Michael Droste in 1998. Mr. Droste was awarded a music scholarship to DePaul University (Chicago) where he received both his Bachelor and Master of Music degrees. He has taught trumpet students for the past 25 years. He was lead trumpet for Bud And The Bananas, a ten piece Motown group that played for the Spinners, Four Tops, Mc Donalds, and many local area clubs and festivals in the Midwest. He has written three books for trumpet players and released one compact disc for learning how to: Play The Blues on the trumpet. Since 1998, he has developed one of the highest rated trumpet websites that has helped thousands of students around the world with articles, consultations, and free trumpet related downloads.

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