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New Video Installation Project in Development from Artist Fawn Rogers

ArtPress Records at L.A. Art Show, Interview with Artist Fawn Rogers: "I Love You And That Makes Me God"

Santa Monica, CA, January 29, 2014 - Having worked extensively in a variety of media and international settings, artist Fawn Rogers is exploring a new form with her provocative video installation currently in development: “I Love You And That Makes Me God.” At last week’s LA Art Show patron reception, she was kind enough to sit down over a glass of Bordeaux to share some words about her new project:

Adrien Miller: There’s been some hinting about your new project here in LA. Is that connected at all to your Visible Light body of work?

Fawn Rogers: Completely separate project. That series [Visible Light], to super-simplify, was very much about visual and physical expanse, having to do with nature and our place within it… The new project is concerned with the videnda of a psychological landscape. Again, my aesthetic is very minimal with the new project, but the focus is also about identity and evolution. The depth of content that’s been emerging from the theme is extraordinary.

AM: So what is the theme?

FR: The project is titled “I Love You And That Makes Me God.” That’s essentially the theme. I’m developing the project as a dual-monitor video installation, intentionally stark and designed to highlight the subtleties of delivery. Individuals are shot in portrait-style close up, and presented giving and receiving the expression “I Love You And That Makes Me God.” We’re in the process of filming people for the project now. The experiences for people in the project are very diverse – the exchange has been surprisingly intimate and I’m really embracing it. Each person, for example, has a very different relationship to the expression - from power, to concepts of God, to embodiment of love. It’s amazing how much story comes out from each person.

AM: Who’s being filmed for the project?

FR: There’s a very eclectic range.

AM: Anyone we’d recognize?

FR: Yes, we have some fun surprises. But the project isn’t really about celebrity, it’s about authenticity. There’s this incredible Iroquois expression – orenda – which refers to the spiritual force by which human empowerment takes place. That experience manifests in many interesting ways, no matter your status.

AM: I see paint on your fingernails. What else are you working on?

FR: This project has two other dimensions. I am creating some canvasses, and am also exploring some new styles of work in conjunction with this project. I find I’ve been inspired in strange ways by the intimacy of the video installation aspect – to create work in which the nature of the dialogue is completely different: more communal, public. In some sense, this project is like a multi-dimensional puzzle piece that has been following me since my childhood. That’s playing out both in content and form. Though a lot will be happening quickly in the current year, I feel that I could work with this theme for a decade and continue to be inspired by it.

Fawn Rogers is an American visual artist, best known for her work with visible electromagnetic light. Her work has been exhibited throughout Europe, Southeast and East Asia, and Africa, and has been published in People and Italian Vogue. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

For more on the artist, visit www.fawnrogers.com.

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Taylor Gang Records Proudly Presents, "Love on the Run" Official Mixtape Release Party

Starring The 1st Lady of Taylor Gang Courtney Noelle Performing Live

Pittsburgh, PA, January 28, 2014 - Taylor Gang Records will be taking over the city with the hottest mixtape release party of the year. Pittsburgh's very own, 1st Lady of Taylor Gang, Courtney Noelle will be hosting her official mixtape release party for her newest project, “Love On the Run.” The “Love on the Run” Mixtape Release Party is going to be a night full of music, dancing, fun and excitement featuring music by Courtney Noelle has worked very hard on this mixtape and is ready to not only to show the City of Pittsburgh what she has to offer but to also represent for the ladies.

“Love on the Run,” is a testament of Noelle’s strong songwriting abilities as well as her infectious vocal skills. Courtney Noelle doesn’t want to be labeled as just another local singer on the rise, she considers herself a solidified songwriter, musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Proceeds from the mixtape party will go to the Young Women’s Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation and the Lung Cancer Research Foundation. The event is Friday, January 31, 2014 at the Enigma Lounge located at (130 7th Street Pittsburgh, PA 15222) in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh. Doors open at 9:00PM with an enforced dress code of (No Hoodies or No Baggy Attire) Drinks Specials are available and Appetizers will be served.

Courtney Noelle want s her fans to know that she is here and ready to show and prove that she is worth the wait. “Love on the Run” is the first release of the year for Courtney and she anticipates several more releases throughout the year. If you’re in Pittsburgh and would like to attend the Courtney Noelle’s Mixtape Release Party for “Love on the Run” tickets are available for early purchase, you can also contact 412-980-8717 for VIP Reservations. “Love on the Run” will be available for purchase on iTunes and other select retailers throughout the Country. For more information about Courtney Noelle and Taylor Gang follow her on twitter at: @CNBBRAND.For Press Opportunities please contact Darnell Clark at: 412-353-9240 or MrImagemakers@gmail.com.

About Courtney Noelle:
Courtney Noelle is an American Singer/ Songwriter signed to Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang Records and is best known for her collaborations with Wiz Khalifa on his mixtape "Star Power." She’s been featured on "Bankroll", which I performed along Wiz on his "Wake and Bake" tour, also on "Burn after Rolling" and on "One Way". Noelle has collaborated with Chevy Woods, on his "Pilot Shit" mixtape, on a song called "Crazy", she's also worked with several other recording artist including as S.Money, and Boaz.

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