Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beauty By Earth Organic Argan Oil is on Sale

Beauty by Earth Announces Price Reduction on 100% Pure Certified Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Frisco, TX, April 11, 2014 - Beauty by Earth recently released a new product – Certified Organic Argan Oil. Demand for the product through the Amazon Marketplace has taken off and many customers now using Argan Oil have posted reviews expressing their excitement - both in the results they’re getting and the fact of being able to replace other chemical-filled products with Organic Argan Oil.

Beauty by Earth is now offering its 4 Ounce bottle of Organic Argan Oil for only $27.99 in the Amazon Marketplace. The product is also available with Free Shipping for customers with Amazon Prime memberships. Here is a little taste of some of the reviews that have been received:

“I love how non-greasy the oil feels and it seems to moisturize really well. I use it on my heels, and around nails on hands and feet. I have really noticed improvement in dry skin there. I also applied to knees and hands, and it absorbs really well and doesn't leave any greasy residue. I heard a lot of good feedback about properties of Argan oil and a lot of my favorite products have it in them, so now I am trying it in its pure form. What I also really love is the bottle it comes in - it has a very convenient long glass dispenser, so you don't need to get a bunch of oil all over you while pouring out of a hole in plastic, like other products I have tried. You can target the problem areas and apply only there. Thus it goes a long way, since you use only as much as you need. I also plan on using on my hair and face as a night moisturizer. :) Oh, and it came with a super yummy lip balm, I love that it actually has almost eatable taste and it moisturizes lips super well.” – O.M.

“An amazing product! Highly recommended. I had no idea something so simple and so pure could have such immediate and positive effects on the human skin. For decades I've been a regular consumer of high-end, high-priced skin products with all sorts of complex ingredients and empty promises. I have spent many hundreds finding the right moisturizer for my "oily but dry" skin and have to keep spending more as they use up so easily. It doesn't seem possible that an oil from nature could outdo what scientists have been trying to create--the perfect skin moisturizer. 3 small drops of this oil rubbed on my face after showering and I'm good for the rest of the day. I found that it absorbs in easily and my skin feels fresh all day. Even with daily use, this bottle will last a long, long time. So glad I found this product and am recommending it to others.” – J.R.

You can buy Organic Argan Oil from Beauty by Earth here:

Sneak Peek: Pictured above is the all-new packaging for Beauty by Earth’s Organic Argan Oil, which will be released soon (once existing inventory is depleted).

Visit Beauty by Earth on the web at to learn more about how to use Argan Oil and also check out our YouTube Channel at for tips, tricks and demonstrations for applying Argan Oil to you skin, hair and nails.

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