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Poppy Hills Golf Course Launches Unique “Make the Turn” Corporate Training Program

Emphasizing Peak Performance, Mindset, Fitness and Nutrition

Pebble Beach, CA, August 31, 2014 – Poppy Hills Golf Course has recently partnered with the innovative golf lifestyle company “Make the Turn” to offer corporations a rare opportunity to train key employees at an exclusive, championship-caliber golf course in the world-renowned resort community of Pebble Beach.

“What makes MTT a powerful tool for businesses is the program's primary focus is to help companies create new tremendous business results that dramatically impacts its bottom line in a golf inspired environment,” says Poppy Hills GM Brad Shupe. “The world renowned Poppy Hills Golf Course is the conduit that allows for this corporate training program which provides executives and sales teams with the tools to elevate their performance in and out of the workplace!”

MTT Founder/CEO Jeff Ritter has assembled a team of experienced and professional leaders in the world of performance, mindset, fitness and nutrition to achieve these results, which have been highlighted in a variety of media platforms such as Golf Digest Magazine, FOX Sports, ESPN, The Katie Couric Show, US NEWS and World Report, Men’s Health, Sirius XM Radio and The Golf Channel.

The Leadership component is designed around the behaviors, not the characteristics, of great leaders. Says mental toughness coach, Chris Dorris, “Our definition of ‘Leadership’ at the MTT Program is ‘Getting the most out of your people.’ The program is designed to teach the leaders to be excellent coaches, which, in turn, of course, translates into increased revenue/performance/productivity and thus profitability.” Leadership and sales curriculum include such topics as: Emotional Mastery: The Cornerstone of Mental Toughness; Converting Adversity to Fuel; and The Pre-Game Mental Prep Routine.

MTT fitness and nutrition programming inspires participants through “No Excuses” exercise regimens and eating plans tailor made for busy executives and business travelers. Cate Ritter, who runs THE LEAN 18 Nutrition initiative says, “What you eat influences every major function in the human body. Our simple and sustainable approach to food dramatically increases energy, improves focus, promotes restful sleep, all while helping eliminate aches and pains for better performance in and out of the workplace.”

Fitness professional, David Jack, recently completed a longtime stint as health advisor on the Katie Couric Show and has worked with top athletes such as Olympic Champion swimmer Ryan Lochte. According to Jack, “People are at their best when they feel their best. When an organization invests in the well-being of its people, they support a lifestyle that serves the individual, while guaranteeing the company gets a higher return on their investment.”

MTT corporate offerings include three-day business leadership programs for executives and sales teams. Each program challenges and inspires participants to incorporate cutting edge practices in lifestyle and sustainability, while actively building a more powerful corporate culture.

In addition to intensive daily coaching, event activities may include golf at Poppy Hills, Spyglass Hill Golf Course or Pebble Beach Golf Links; The Land Rover Experience; dining at some of the finest restaurants on the Monterey Peninsula; and wine tasting of some of the best wines of Monterey County.

Lodging is selected to the needs of a particular group. Preferred partners include some of the most luxurious properties on the Monterey Peninsula, including La Playa Carmel, The Monterey Plaza on Cannery Row, The Inn at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach and The Lodge at Pebble Beach.

Cost is $7,500 per person (excludes airfare and lodging), with group not to exceed 15 participants. If three days doesn't fit into the plans, there is also an immersive and intimate, private one-day session for $10,500.

MTT's golf school and executive programming is designed to be flexible and mobile, giving individuals and companies the opportunity to create unique experiences with the MTT team anywhere in the world.

For detailed program descriptions, rates and scheduling contact  or call (480) 695-2017. Learn more at and

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Embracing Authentic Experiences in Vietnam, Luxury Travel launches “Tailored Lux Experiences 18-day Tour”

Voted as the leading specialist in the art of travel for luxurious and private services, Luxury Travel Ltd has added a“Tailored Lux Experiences 18-day tour” to its portfolio of toursincluding all the major destinations in Vietnam.

Hanoi, Vietnam, August 31, 2014 - Voted as the leading specialist in the art of travel for luxurious and private services, Luxury Travel Ltd has added a“Tailored Lux Experiences 18-day tour” to its portfolio of toursincluding all the major destinations in Vietnam.

Commencing with the new season 2014/15,this 18-day tour gives savvy cultural travelers the opportunity to discover the timeless charm of Vietnam.

According to Mr Pham Ha, Luxury Travel CEO and Founder, the unique selling point of this tour package is its5 showcase categories:

Inside Lux allows guests to get beneath the surface of our destinations, taking them to special locations and giving them access ‘behind the scenes’.

Expert Luxprovides guests with the opportunity to meet experts in their field. All departures are accompanied by an English-speaking tour guide to ensure the best interpretive experience

Gourmet Lux offers gastronomic experiences where guests savour the best local cuisine,are shown how to cook various Vietnamese dishes, introduced to local food experts, and taken to restaurants that many tourists overlook.

Building Luxgives travelers the unique opportunity to help local underprivileged communities.This is especially designed for guests who wish to make meaningful contributions to support the local communities they visit.

Access Lux offers once in a lifetime experiences. Travelers discoverthe many attractions and traditional culture, engage with the easy going and welcoming locals, and enjoy the improving tourist infrastructure.

Mr Nguyen Cuu Hung, Director of Sales and Marketing, said: “This tour provides the opportunity to experience the genuine and timeless charm of Vietnam. From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City you will take in the highlights of each city as well as the stunning beach resorts and small towns of the central coast.”

The package costs from £2126 per person in a twin share and includes all transportation, boat trips, meals, entrance fees and the services of an English-speaking guide.

Vietnam’s first luxury tour operator/DMC ( is based in Hanoi, with offices throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. Luxury Travel is exceptional at designing tailor-made tours and providing unique travel experiences.

Thu Hien
Luxury Travel Ltd
05 Nguyen Truong To Street
Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi
84.4.39274120 Ext 107

Global Technology Solutions provider Netswitch launches product to Maximize Network Security for all Businesses and Company COO and Chief Security Officer Launches eBook

When a computer virus infected the network at Crouse and Associates in San Francisco, the insurance services company ground to a halt during a weeklong outage — costing a significant amount of time and money to resolve.

San Francisco, CA, August 31, 2014 - When a computer virus infected the network at Crouse and Associates in San Francisco, the insurance services company ground to a halt during a weeklong outage — costing a significant amount of time and money to resolve. The company does not have a large IT staff or a chief information security officer, it can’t afford to employ security experts and it doesn’t have the time or expertise to wade through the complicated Internet security landscape filled with intimidating terminology like “botnets,” “kill-chains,” “application firewalls” and “advanced persistent threats.”

So the busy company left it all up to global technology solutions provider Netswitch and its innovative MADROC® Integrated Security Platform that maximizes network security for more than 2,500 global businesses, large and small. MADROC® provides complete intrusion detection and prevention along with event management and immediate alerting and remediation — complete peace of mind within a monthly subscription plan.

The future is very clear: Cyber-crime is growing rapidly and as security gets better, the criminals get smarter. To respond to this real problem, Netswitch has revolutionized the way IT security is delivered — controlling and monitoring a heterogeneous mix of IT technology from top to bottom at every touch point; a true Defense in Depth security strategy. A MADROC® subscription includes all engineering, configuration, tuning, licenses and maintenance, along with a dedicated Security Operations Control Center providing support around the clock, with 15 minute response and immediate remediation.

“Netswitch is applying technology to important security and social issues that I care deeply about,” said Ken Chrisman, Board Member of Netwitch. “This is an important opportunity to use technology to protect personal information and doctor/patient confidentiality. I believe MADROC® is poised to revolutionize the personal information security space with enhanced security protection through advanced behavioral analytics while leveraging the cloud to manage the massive data being generated.”

For more information go to

MADROC® Integrated Security Platform Customer Testimonial:

Pam Quilici, executive vice president of Crouse and Associates

“We chose MADROC® to ensure that our network will be secure and that we are protected from similar attacks in the future,” said Pam Quilici, executive vice president of Crouse and Associates. “Netswitch has been a trusted supplier of IT services for years. We love the way the MADROC® service is designed and we know we can always count on Netswitch for the smartest and most professionally responsive support.”

Shane Isaaks, the CIO of the Peninsula Hotel Group and Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels Group:  (See detailed information on this case study below)

"We have used Netswitch Security Services and their experts for years to insure that the Peninsula Hotels are protected against data breaches and other security threats. Their new MADROC program is revolutionary in that it combines all levels of protection in a single service package that is amazingly affordable. We are looking forward to a threat-free future."

e-Book Breach Launches
In addition to the launch of MADROC® Integrated Security Platform, Netswitch COO and Chief Security Officer Steve King has launched an eBook called “Breach” that describes the current state of data breaches, and what you can do to protect your company.

Excerpt from eBook Breach: We have seen the trends in cyber-crime and malware attacks. With these attacks evolving at such an astounding pace, your organization needs security solutions today that address head-on every attack vector from the surface to the core, aka Defense in Depth. We believe that the principle of Defense in Depth should be the foundation strategy for any and all business security policies and approaches. Defense in Depth is the coordinated use of multiple security countermeasures to protect the integrity of the information assets in an enterprise. The strategy is based on the military principle that it is more difficult for an enemy to defeat a complex and multi-layered defense system than to penetrate a single barrier.

In terms of computer network defense, Defense in Depth measures should not only prevent security breaches, but will also buy an organization time to detect and respond to an attack, thereby reducing and mitigating the consequences of a breach.

“I wrote this book because I wanted to help business leaders sort through all of the jargon and arcane references in the data security world so that they could understand both the actual threats, the dangers of doing nothing and the easiest, simplest and lowest cost ways to insure against the inevitable data breaches that will occur in the future,” said King.  “One of the many dangers in doing nothing is that it will invite the government (both) to insert themselves into the process of "protecting consumer personal information". The costs of compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley have risen more than 60% over the last 10 years and have had significant unintended consequences in area like IPOs and increased compensation for lawyers, auditors and run-away consulting fees. It would be much worse with a Federal Security Compliance Act.”

NOTE:  On Tuesday, August 26th the first of many bills to come is on Jerry Brown's desk imposing government rules and protection legislation on businesses (who do not do it themselves) to insure against the loss of consumer and personal information and to offer one year free credit access to consumers whose financial information has been compromised.
The book is complimentary and can be downloaded at

Background on Steve King, Chief Operating Officer, COO and Chief Security Officer and eBook Author

After college, Steve turned down an offer to be a copy-writer on the Hoover Vacuum account for Hoefer-Dieterich and Brown to pursue a career in IT, but never lost sight of the future impact of consumerization on Information Technology. Steve subsequently logged over 30 years of computer industry experience in sales and marketing, software engineering, product development and professional services. Steve also has extensive market experience in Information Security Management Internet, Digital Media, Business Intelligence, Document Management, eCommerce, and Business Process Reengineering.

Steve has managed product development with UNIX, Windows and Java platforms, founded three software and services startups and raised $32m in venture capital. Steve has held a variety of executive management positions in development, sales, and marketing  for ConnectandSell, Whittman-Hart, marchFIRST, the Cambridge Systems Group, Memorex, Health Application Systems, Endymion Systems, Blackhawk Systems Group and IBM.

He has also led digital marketing engagements for Abercrombie & Fitch, Tommy Bahama, REI, Harley Davidson and wrote a best-selling business book on Retail Web Marketing.

As a co-founder of the Cambridge Systems Group, Steve led the marketing effort for ACF2, which would become the leading Enterprise Data Security product for IBM mainframe computers. As a direct result, Steve is now known as the God-father of Information Security. Over the years, Steve has been issued multiple engineering patents encompassing contextual semantic search technologies, web-enabled multimedia audio transfers, imaging capture and database smart query processing.

Steve studied toward a B. S. in Mathematical Probability and Statistics from the University of California at Berkeley with a Minor in Journalism and studied Social Justice Law at the Santa Clara University School of Law.

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Creekside Farms debuts its Special line of themed Wreaths and Garlands for everyone on your shopping gift list…year-round!

Bringing the Serenity and Beauty of Nature to your Home

Greenfield, CA, August 31, 2014 - Creekside Farms is now drawing upon its passion, creativity and more than 25 years of experience creating tens of thousands of exceptionally beautiful artisan made wreaths. Family-owned and operated Creekside Farms has recently unveiled a new and “classics” line of themed wreaths to please everyone on your gift list! The holidays are fast-approaching but for those with special occasion gift needs coming up sooner (including birthdays, anniversaries, births and weddings), Creekside Farms offers some new unique gift ideas with an array of long-lasting, natural and pesticide-free ingredients composing their specialty themed wreaths.

For those in your life who are foodies or wine aficionados, check out their line of hand-picked culinary herb natural wreaths with many ingredients harvested right on their family-owned farm in Central California. Their California Herb Wreath features marjoram, sage, yarrow, bay, and a sprinkling of dried red-hot chili peppers. Creekside Farms also offer its Kitchen Herb Wreath, sure to please the cooks in your life. This fragrant wreath, “cooks in the kitchen” will love, contains six different pesticide-free culinary herbs including fresh bay and rosemary, dried dill, oregano, sage and lavender.

Cheers to everyone who has a passion for wine. Creekside Farms’ Wine Country Wreath includes a lush greenery base including fragrant eucalyptus and lavender and accented with amazing faux grapes. Their Fall Artichoke Wreath features California’s recently declared “Official State Vegetable” and a plethora of fall leaves, pods, and grains. It is a perfect wreath for the Fall season and Thanksgiving guests. The website,, has many other herbal wreaths that are sure to please, plus helpful wreath care tips and more.

For your friends and family who appreciate the wonders of nature and love to spend time “nesting” in their home and making their gardens flourish, Creekside Farms offers a wide array of gorgeous wreaths to enhance their home décor. They feature everyone’s favorite herb grown and harvested on their farm, lavender, an especially beautiful and soothing element of a Creekside Farms wreath. For all who love its subtle scent and rich color, there is the Lavender Eucalyptus Wreath featuring fragrant lavender and fresh seeded eucalyptus and the Lavender Herb Wreath featuring rich lavender, chilis and feverfew, and many more. These stunning wreaths adorning a front door reinforce “home sweet home” every day.

Although wreaths are certainly a thoughtful gift year-round, when the holidays approach, Creekside Farms offers a great seasonal assortment of fresh holiday-themed wreaths to welcome family and friends, such as the Berried Cone Wreath, a wonderfully traditional, fragrant, and festive wreath. This handmade wreath is sure to ignite holiday spirit with fresh eucalyptus, fir, and salal, and accented with vibrant pepperberries and pine cones. The Berries and Moss Wreath is a perfect holiday addition made with a blend of fresh fir and seeded eucalyptus. Pine cones, moss, Artemisia, and pepperberries artfully adorn this festive fragrant wreath. The Magnolia Pepperberry Wreath includes fresh magnolia, cedar, and juniper that are artfully decorated with bright pepperberries, making this an exquisite, one of a kind wreath. The many beautiful Creekside Farms’ holiday wreaths feature unique assortments of Christmas greens mixed with California greens such as eucalyptus, bay, olive and rosemary and other adornments including pinecones, pomegranates and more.

Dozens of other gorgeous themed wreaths are also displayed on their website, and Creekside Farms offers a Gift Concierge, Connie Bauer, to help with choosing just the right wreath for a gift…and yourself! Also, through the popular Corporate Gifts Division, Connie is available to help take the stress out of selecting corporate gifts for clients and employees and offers volume discounts.

About Creekside Farms:
With two family farm locations, Creekside Farms is a high quality designer of tens of thousands of handcrafted, upscale wreaths and garlands. Their wreaths are featured in high end home décor retailers and catalogues, including Williams-Sonoma (for over 18 years), Pottery Barn, Sur La Table, Front Gate, Pro Flowers, Orvis and Harry and David. In 2011, they also launched their own retail site,, and have received a wonderful response from consumers who love to pick out their favorite wreaths, often many times a year.

Creekside Farms began in 1969 when Carol and Larry Umbarger bought a ranch in Monterey County so they could raise their children in a rural setting with their seven horses. In the late 1980’s, the Umbarger’s began growing flowers and ornamental and culinary herbs to help with college expenses for their two older children. They began making wreaths for Smith & Hawken and soon expanded to providing beautiful wreaths to many other top retailers and catalogues. Since then, many members of the three generations of their family have enthusiastically joined Creekside Farms to expand their growing family legacy. Housed in their large manufacturing facility, Creekside Farms’ dedicated staff, both family members and longtime employees, assemble and carefully pack each shipment. The staff is available to answer any questions and also expertly handle any corporate gift orders within any budget.

Contact information:
For more information, go to or call 831-674-1234. To schedule an interview, a farm tour, or receive high resolution jpg photos, call Wendy Brickman at (831) 633-4444 or or call Marci Bracco at (831) 747-7455 or

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Tickets On Sale! 2015 Big Sur Foragers Festival

A Culinary Exploration into the World of Wild Foods

Carmel, CA, August 31, 2014 - A celebration of the amazing array of wild foods will be the centerpiece for a weekend of gourmet food, world-class wine and beer, entertainment, expert-led foraging hikes and a friendly chef competition with celebrity judges.

Save the dates of January 16th through 18th, 2015. Big Sur area restaurants will host the culinary expertise of notable chefs preparing unique fare from rustic to elegant, paired with the region's amazing selection of wines and beers.

The event also serves as a fundraiser for the Big Sur Health Center. The community's non-profit health center will receive the proceeds from the foraging events to support the continued presence of local health care services.

Event schedule to include:

* "Wild Foraging Walk and Talk" at Pfeiffer State Park and through the Big Sur Wilderness, both led by expert foragers. This year we will have 2 walks. One through Pfeiffer State Park (level beginner hiker) and one through the Big Sur Wilderness (level intermediate hiker). The intermediate hike through the Bug Sur Wilderness will be led by Stephen Copeland of Big Sur Guides and Hiking.

* "Fungus Face-Off" on the deck at Ventana Inn & Spa

* A silent auction full of culinary delights, hotel stays, tickets to explore the area, art and so much more will take place during the food and wine sampling. There will be more than 60 items this year!

* Purchase raffle tickets for $5 per ticket of $25 for 6 tickets. Enter to win your choice of 7 culinary delights or hotel packages!  Raffle package values begin at $200 to $700!  Tickets available for purchase at the event.

* Grand Celebrity Chef Dinner at Ventana Inn & Spa. "Foragers Dinner" at the Restaurant at Ventana beginning at 6:00 pm. The multi-course dinner, destined to be a memorable feast paired with an incredible wine selection, costs $175.00 per person.

* "The Forager's Kitchen" A dynamic, not-to-be-missed Sunday afternoon master cooking class on how to prepare your foraged bounty in your own home kitchen, given by a group of the region's best chefs.

Stay tuned for details on our Friday night kick off dinner at The Big Sur Roadhouse and Sunday events!

Tickets are now on sale at

Follow us on Facebook for this year’s new event venues or at  The Big Sur Foragers Festival Media Partner is Edible Magazine Monterey Bay.

Big Sur Foragers Festival Media Partner:

About Edible Monterey Bay
Founded in 2011, Edible Monterey Bay produces an award-winning quarterly magazine, a weekly e-newsletter and occasional events that celebrate the local food cultures of Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties, season by season. For more information, go to or call (831) 298-7117.

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New book reveals Revolutionary Technique for Conflict Resolution

Shoto-Chi founder Robert J. Norton releases realistic guide to resolving day to day conflicts

Pickering, ON, August 30, 2014 - Drawing perspective from many years of experience in the field of martial arts and conflict management, Shoto-Chi founder and first time author Robert J. Norton bares revolutionary insights about the nature of conflict and its underlying psychology — explored in detail in his debut nonfiction title "Pine-Wave Energy"(published by Trafford Publishing). He introduces dynamic techniques in conflict resolution that have further applications in both personal and professional aspects of living.

In "Pine-Wave Energy," Norton takes a rounded perspective that not only deals with understanding one’s own personal emotions and perception, but also continues through to protecting one’s personal space from a perceived or actual physical threat. It is a tool to understanding perception within conflict, how emotions become the catalyst for conflict, communication styles and personality types. It also shares effective techniques regarding verbal and non-verbal communication inclusive of the systematically developed QSC strategy. Furthermore, it introduces the basics of the dynamic technique known as the Fence. This technique has been developed over many years of studying human behavioral patterns by the Shoto-Chi’s founder. This technique integrates NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to assist in the control of one’s personal space.

“The rounded nature of the book offers a fresh perspective on all things about conflict and provides effective strategies for both personal and professional environments,” Norton says. Through his writing, the author hopes to create a positive impact in many lives, both in the individual and organizational levels.

Pine-Wave Energy: A Guide to Conflict Resolution by Robert J. Norton Ph.D.

Trade Paper ISBN: 978-1-49074-022-5
$10.77; 150 pp.
Hard Cover ISBN: 978-1-49074-023-2
$20.77; 150 pp.
E-book ISBN: 978-1-49074-024-9
$3.99; 119 pp.

Release Date: June 29, 2014
Available through: Amazon and Barnes & Noble

“Calmness is paramount and one of the most usable skills in almost all aspects of life. It doesn’t matter if you are entering conflict or climbing a mountain. Calmness helps us to focus. It allows us to digest information and objectively make a decision. When in conflict with another, calmness provides us structure. It provides us the key skill to attempt to resolve. It allows us to think and to evaluate the conflict, the environment, and the potential impact our actions will have on the conflict.”

“I have yet to come across a book that covers so many areas within conflict as this does. The insight into perception and especially calmness helped me tremendously as a teacher.”

“One of the best books I have ever read on the topic of verbal conflict and resolution. I recommend it to everyone, regardless of their occupation or qualifications.” – Chris Roberts

About The Author:
Robert J. Norton is the founder of a unique art specializing in the realistic approach to conflict resolution through the understanding of human behavior. This art is called Shoto-Chi. After founding his art over 24 years ago he has continuously evolved his art by learning more about conflict resolution and especially human behavior within conflict. As result he has now put his extensive research and principles into this book. Rob and his family currently reside in Canada. Visit Rob’s website at for more information.

Pine-Wave Energy: A Guide to Conflict Resolution is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Trafford Publishing.

Robert J. Norton Ph.D.
Norton Arts
Pickering, ON

Decoding the Billing Process: Urgent Care vs. Primary Care Billing

The owner operators of urgent care centers can bill the services they provide in several different ways.

Dallas, Texas, August 30, 2014 - The owner operators of urgent care centers can bill the services they provide in several different ways. The writers at The Ambulatory M&A Advisor take readers through the different options, from billing strictly urgent care to taking on a panel of primary patients.

“The reason why dual urgent care/primary care practices would want to be contracted as primary care—despite lower reimbursement—is that longitudinal and chronic care patients won’t want to pay the higher urgent care co-pay for regular visits with their PCP and also because insurance often won’t reimburse urgent care centers for preventive and routine care like vaccinations and annual wellness physicals—which should be done in a primary care office,” said Alan Ayers, Vice President of Corporate and Market Development at Concentra Urgent Care.

It’s important for owner operators to understand everything that goes into the billing process as each option carries its own set of pros and cons. Rates of reimbursement differ greatly between urgent care and primary care. Furthermore, if a center is to be operated as urgent care, there are certain types of services that it must be able to provide.

To read the full article, you can find it here.

The Ambulatory M&A Advisor is a one-stop information destination for business, legal, and transactional insights on Ambulatory Care Centers. With contributions from industry professionals, as well as on-staff writers, the publication recognizes excellence, presents thought leadership and facilitates connections among the industry's leading deal making experts.

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