Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Streaming Video Services Launches New Site

Scott Bowling Launches New Site - Streaming Video Services To Teach People How They Can Use Different Strategies To Build Any Business.

Austin, TX, February 08, 2011 -- Scott Bowling Launches New Site Streaming Video Services To Teach People Strategies They Can Use To Build Any Business. One of those businesses will be Talk Fusion. Scott was one of the first 100 people in Talk Fusion when they launched in 2007. He will be reaching out to people around the world. Places like New Zealand, Romania, Russia, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Spain, and South Africa to mention a few.

Scott says; the purpose and intention of this site is to teach people that a lot of the methods of marketing that people are using and still being taught don't work like they did 25 years ago or longer. Things have changed when it comes to building a business and a lot of people are struggling to do it the old way in the new market of 2011. You will learn what platform is best and the most recommended to build your site with, you will also learn how to quickly get your site indexed in the search engines.

According to research a home based business is started by someone every six seconds. That is great news but the rate that people quit those businesses is astronomical, not that they cannot do it but they are using methods of marketing that simply do not work for most people. Scott believes it is a misconception that people fail, it is not failing that is the problem, it is quitting. The reason is people become frustrated when they are doing everything they are told but still not experiencing the promised results.

Bowling says, it comes down to knowing how to market yourself and what methods to use to accomplish that. It is not about building the business of someone else but building YOU Inc.

If you are interested in learning more on how Scott Bowling of Streaming Video Products can help you build any business you can reach him on Skype at Scott_Bowling1, email: streamingvideoservices at gmail.com Also visit http://streaming-video-services.com/makemoney/qindex.html

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