Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jump Rope Jack Launches New Blog Site to Help Teach People How to Jump For Life

Powerful aerobic activity that is done in even short spurts and only 10 minutes a day is proving to be life changing for many. This is big news when you consider that in just 10 minutes of jumping rope we can burn off the calories in that candy bar that we just ate.” Says Ms. Carr, creator of the Jump Rope Jack blog.

Tampa, FL, June 30, 2013 – Jump Rope Jack has arrived and is helping thousands of people in the US alone to back away from the TV and get up on their feet and Jump for Life.

Statistics show and plane old observation confirms that the number of weight challenged folks around town are at an all time high. Not meant to hurt feelings but with that obesity comes hand in hand, illness. And Illness is just a little bit of death.

The Jump Rope Jack Blog has launched to bring up the awareness of the power of doing some simple jumping rope for health and jumping rope for life.

“The ‘secret’ to success in health in today’s crazy world is to get up off the couch and recliner and get these bodies moving / jumping. We can jump at home, at work at lunch time, outside, at the gym, on the sidewalk, in the parking lot, while waiting for the bus, you name is and you can probably stand there and jump with a jump rope right there.” says Ms. Carr, of

It’s true that the practice of having to go to a gym for an hour a day or even every other day is not as practical as it was even 10 years ago. People are busier today than ever, some work 2 jobs, some are single parents doing their best to raise their children right. Time is a valuable commodity. That’s why jumping rope is perfect for health and life.

Jumping is the fastest way to accomplish getting yourself in shape. Jumping is the work-out that boxers, wrestlers, and other great athletes do to improve their reaction time, focus and endurance. The nice thing about jumping rope is that you can get the whole family involved. It’s not expensive and it’s not too time consuming because even 10 or 15 minutes makes a huge benefit on health.

Ms. Carr says, “I often get asked, ‘Will I see results after one day of jumping?’ No. But then again we won’t drop dead tomorrow if we don’t jump either. Something that is very easy TO do like jumping rope for just a short time or maybe 60 jumps is also going to be very easy NOT to do. So you have to stick with it and let the benefits of the compounding positive take place. But this compounding works both ways. You can jump every day for a month and you will have added a big credit to your “health” bank. You can also not exercise at all for a month and you won’t fall over but you will have a debit on your ‘health’ ledger of slightly flabbier arms, belly and slightly less energy.”

To find out more about the benefits of jumping to our health visit

Ms. Carr is an accomplished author and owner of Jump Rope Jack. She is passionate about educating people about the importance of staying active and strong. She practices what she preaches too. You can find this over-60- year-old up at 7am exercising outdoors with a jump rope, stretch bands and brisk walks.

Ms. Carr explains, “And it all pays off! I have enough energy to keep up with my 30 year old kids. My main focus is to help people get more active. With the Jump Rope Jack Blog, which is turning into a movement, I know we are making an impact. I believe that together we can make a huge and positive impact in many people’s lives, helping them create a healthier stronger body for themselves and their children too.”

If you are interested in learning more about how Mary Kay Carr can help you, Ms. Carr can be reached at 888-811-5160 or visit her online at or

Mary Kay Carr
Jump Rope Jack
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