Thursday, November 10, 2011

Qittle Mobile Marketing Company Launches Free SMS Marketing Plan

Qittle, a national mobile marketing company, has launched a free SMS marketing plan that allows clients to have free sms marketing.

Aspen, CO, November 13, 2011 - Qittle Mobile Marketing Company launches Free SMS Marketing Plan.

Qittle, a national mobile marketing company, has launched a free SMS marketing plan that allows clients to have free sms marketing. Mobile marketing will grow by 60.1% in 2011 Casey McConnell CEO of Qittle says. In today’s competitive market, businesses are competing for every consumer dollar and their every marketing minute. In order to compete more effectively, companies must recognize that customers expect personalized service. Mobile marketing campaigns create a sense of camaraderie between customers and their companies of choice, while marketing effectively. Mobile messaging builds a relationship with the customer, while at the same time mobile messages are more cost effective, and more targeted in its scope. As companies search for ways to be more innovative in the ways they use their marketing budgets, mobile marketing campaigns are the logical choice. By Qittle offering a free SMS Marketing plan to help companies start using SMS Messaging to grow their customer base is smart business McConnell says. is a text message marketing software platform for big & small businesses. Communicate with your customers on their mobile phone through mobile marketing. For more information on how can help your business grow contact Casey McConnell at 866.761.7442 or visit

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Lightyear Wireless Let us revisit what CNET reported May 2009 on the Pre-paid Industry

The prepaid cell phone market has finally hit the U.S. in a big way as economically strapped consumers flock to inexpensive pay-as-you-go services.

Nashua, NH, November 10, 2011 - News about the Pre-pay Wireless Price Wars: (CNET) -- The prepaid cell phone market has finally hit the U.S. in a big way as economically strapped consumers flock to inexpensive pay-as-you-go services. The result will likely mean that big cell phone providers may be forced to slash prices on contract service plans to keep consumers from defecting to lesser expensive pre-paid wireless carriers such as Lightyear Wireless.

Prepaid cell phones have finally hit the U.S., meaning wireless providers may slash prices on service plans. Having nearly identical service as major carriers at a lower price gives Lightyear Wireless an advantage.

This is good news for consumers, who could see lower prices on both prepaid and post-paid service plans. But it is very bad news for cell phone operators, which make more money from their post paid customers than they do from prepaid customers.

Prepaid cell phone plans, which have been very popular in Europe and other parts of the world for several years, allow consumers to buy a phone at full retail price, without committing to a contract, and pay for service in advance.

By contrast, post-paid services require consumers to sign a one- to two- year service contract, and their usage is billed on a monthly basis. In exchange for signing a contract, wireless operators often subsidize the cost of the phone.

It’s no wonder why there is a constant bombardment of SoundBits over the TV and radio waves these days; more than any other time in the history of the cell phone industry.

With post-paid wireless growth virtually at a halt and still drastically falling, prepaid customers are still on the rise and forcing major cell phone companies to slash prices on phones and to also switch to pre-paid wireless service plans. In fact, over 290 million people today are spending 200 billion on wireless. Experts predict the industry will grow to 400 billion by 2014 and 65% of all new customers activating wireless are choosing no contract or pre pay. Twenty-five million wireless users will be switching to no contract wireless service plans over the next few months.

Lightyear Wireless is at the right place at the right time. Do you know anywhere else where you can pay $50 less per month on your phone bills? Do you know anywhere else where you can get “free cell phone service” for life?

Right now, at Lightyear Wireless, you can get earn free service forever with just 3 customers if you like to join our wireless revolution as a rep, or if you get just five customers, you can get free wireless service for life.

As technology grows, who knows what your phone will be doing for you in the future!

Driven by customer demand, Lightyear Wireless has been serving and delighting thousands of customers since 1993. Lightyear has been a recognized customer care leader in the Telecom Industry since before Microsoft introduced its Internet Explorer browser for the first time. Our dedicated customer care team serves all types of businesses, nationwide. Our continuously staffed Network Maintenance Center is always available to help solve your technical issues and answer your questions. Our online ‘Portal Plus’ billing and client care web portal puts comprehensive and continuously updated account information and self-service functionality at our customers’ fingertips.

The Lightyear Difference:

Simplicity – Everything you need, all from one vendor, all on one bill, nationwide.

Service – We’ve been serving and delighting thousands of customers since 1993.

Savings – We’ll find you the best prices from among dozens of national providers.

Lightyear offers Mobile Advantages

* Competitive, Simple and UNLIMITED wireless plans with data and text available, including free data and free texting

* 4G Service available in select markets – expected to grow to service 250 million people by the end of 2013

* Wireline and wireless service bundles that enable your company to achieve additional service, simplicity and savings from having a single source for both fixed and mobile voice services

* Easy activation using the handsets themselves or via the Web, even if you are transferring a current phone number from another provider to Lightyear

* Backed by Lightyear’s famous customer service and one of the nation’s leading wireless networks

Lightyear Mobile is Right for Your Business!

* Lightyear offers complete wireline and wireless solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of your network marketing business and your industry

* Lightyear Mobile offers a suite of smartphones and basic wireless devices. Stay connected with AndroidTM OS phones with access to the Android market and thousands of downloadable apps, or select a text-centric phone for quick communication on the go

* Start saving today – check out our current promotions, online exclusives, and other special offers for business customers by contacting your Lightyear Agent

* Be more productive and efficient with Lightyear’s entire suite of business products

* Pay your bill and check account statements over the Web

If you are a “smart-shopper” looking for a smart-priced smartphone or any other cell phone, you may want to check out Lightyears huge discounted phone ranging in price from $30 to $130.

Find out if you can really get Free Cell Phone Service in a Network Marketing Business with Wireless Solutions all-in-one fantastic Home Business Opportunity

If you are interested in learning more about the Lightyear Wireless, visit us at

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Verba Healthcare Promotions Launches Online Promotional Products Website Aimed at Senior Care Industry

Verba Healthcare Promotions announces the launch of a new online promotional products catalog:

New Braunfels, TX, November 10, 2011 - Verba Healthcare Promotions announces the launch of a new online promotional products catalog:

Demand for quality, affordable care for the elderly is expected to spike over the next decade. The new site offers thousands of unique opportunities for healthcare & hospice services, and senior & assisted care centers to promote their name and/or logo and brand.

The user-friendly site offers online convenience, with a personal touch. Along with promotional items, Verba offers custom printing and graphic design to develop a cohesive strategy for organizations of every size.

Customers can conveniently purchase “leave behind” gifts such as packaged food & snack items, travel mugs, stress relief tools and hundreds more customizable gift items online – at affordable prices.

“We believe every interaction with a doctor, hospital administrator, social worker, clergy member, nurse or care center manager is a potential ‘touchpoint,’” said Sabrina Hamilton, Marketing Promotions Manager at Verba. “The products we offer encourage name recognition when the time comes to make referrals to families and patients.”

Founded by a team of passionate, socially conscience principals, Hamilton says Verba’s keen insight into the senior care industry adds value to their customer relationships. “We understand their needs and challenges. Our mission is to empower our customers’ marketing efforts with tips, ideas and promotional strategies. We take pride in our call to help busy administrators get their name out to the communities they serve.”

Verba Contact: Sabrina Hamilton, Marketing Programs Manager, , 866.574.2013

For more information, visit or

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