Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ted L. Nancy Delirious! "Stories From A Moron" Now in Itunes Store!

Ed Broth’s book back in print!

Glendale, CA, March 03, 2011 -- Ted L. Nancy, author of the best selling "Letters from A Nut" comedy books, is thrilled the long out of print "Stories From A Moron" is now available on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iBooks. How crazy is that?

Ted L. Nancy, who is of course, Barry Marder, wrote the book under the name Ed Broth. With a Foreword by Jerry Seinfeld.

"I was confused, disoriented, and one more Thesaurus word, when I ate wild mushrooms from the woods and wrote the Moron book. (Location taken off Internet)," says Nancy. "I thought I was Ed Broth. Otherwise I would have written it under Ted L. Nancy. I am shamefaced and semi mortified."

"Stories From A Moron" is short stories Broth sent to magazines ill suited for them. He would write a story about shorty pajamas drying on a clothesline and send it to a fencing magazine. The fencing magazine would return the story explaining their magazine was for people into the art of fencing and swordsmanship. Ed would resubmit the story and send it back now with some fencing jammed in to the same story.

Ed would then send that whole mess of a story to a steamboat cruise magazine. They would send it back as not right for them. Ed would add some steamboating - toot tooting - a steamboat captain - along with the drying pajamas and fencing and resend it.

"It is a twisted book. I am sorry for bringing it out again to the public after they were rid of it for so long. I am embarrassed and disgraced, and one more Thesaurus word," says Ted.

The book is sprinkled with funny illustrations by Alan Marder, illustrator of all Ted L. Nancy’s books. Phyllis Murphy is Mr. Nancy’s guiding light. She DOES NOT like shredded carrots.

Do not give her any.

Jerry Seinfeld revealed Barry Marder on "Larry King Live" and "The Today Show" with Matt Lauer in September 2010 as the true author of the "Letters From A Nut" books.

"Stories From A Moron" is published by St. Martins Press, a division of Macmillan Books. It is also available to download on Kindle & Nook on or Barnes and Noble online as well as a host of other digital booksellers. The link for Itunes is:

Ted L. Nancy® is a registered trademark of Barry Marder. His website is TEDLNANCY.COM

Inquiries please contact Eric Bjorgum at 213-785-8070. Bjorgum is Ted’s Norwegian attorney.

Mr. Eric Bjorgum
Ted L. Nancy®
Glendale, CA

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