Tuesday, December 9, 2014

First Nations Self-Defense, SAFE International Self Defense Certification For First Nations

SAFE International Self Defense experts have expanded their self-defense services to include First Nations self-defense certification for those living and working in the First Nation communities.

Toronto, Canada, December 08, 2014 - (Straight Line PR) - SAFE International Self Defense experts have expanded their self-defense services to include First Nations self-defense certification for those living and working in the First Nation communities.

1. Aboriginal people are two times more likely than non-Aboriginal people to experience a violent victimization such as an assault, sexual assault or robbery.

2. Those aged 15 to 34 years were nearly two and a half times more likely to experience a violent victimization compared to those who were 35 years and older.

3. Aboriginal people were almost twice as likely to be the victim of spousal violence as non-Aboriginals. The homicide rate for an Aboriginal individual was almost seven times higher than that for non-Aboriginal people.

SAFE International™ First Nations intends to change these statistics by ensuring that all Aboriginal people are free from harm and get home to their families daily… safe and sound. SAFE International has taken the first step to making this possible. Recently SAFE International certified some members from the Timiskaming First Nations so that they can instruct members of their community in how to better protect themselves. The SAFE™ philosophy of self-protection is unlike any other. This is not a martial arts program, nor is it designed with complicated techniques that require hours and hours of practice. For starters, the main focus is not even on the physical component of self defense, but rather, on the awareness and avoidance aspect. At SAFE International™ they believe in providing individuals with the skills that can help prevent situations from getting physical in the first place. Unfortunately this preferred outcome isn’t always possible so there is hands-on training as well, based on real-life scenarios.

Another thing that distinguishes the self-defense program for First Nation communities from so many others is the approach they take. All of their seminars are taught by incorporating a great deal of humour, yes, humour. Without a doubt self defense is a very serious topic, however, the instruction of it doesn’t have to be intimidating or frightening. If you think back to some of the previous lessons you learned, I bet you would find that the ones you recall, and retained the most knowledge from, were the ones taught in an entertaining and memorable way.

What are the benefits to becoming A SAFE Certified Instructor?

1. You will give the residents of your First Nation community the skills to feel, and be safer!

2. You will be able to teach participants how to recognize and avoid violence before it begins!

3. You will have the ability to teach others how to verbally de-escalate violence!

For more information, you can go directly to their main website at http://safeinternational.biz/first-nation/. You can also call them toll free at 1-800-465-5972 or by email at info@safeinternational.biz

Chris Roberts
Managing Director
SAFE International
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ESI BIO (BioTime) Announces New UK Distribution Agreement with 2BScientific Ltd

ESI BIO’s research products are currently used by stem cell researchers around the world and will now be available exclusively in the UK and Ireland through 2BScientific Ltd.

Alameda, CA, December 09, 2014 – ESI BIO – A Division of BioTime, Inc. specializes in the production of high quality hydrogels, progenitor cells, human embryonic stem cells, and other key tools for stem cell researchers.

Jeffrey Janus, CEO at ESI BIO commented, "We are pleased to hear that 2BScientific would like to be our distributor in the UK market and we expect that we can build a strong partnership in future." James Bernard, CEO of 2BScientific added, "2BScientific is excited to have signed a distribution agreement with ESI BIO to sell all of their stem cell products and services in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We are excited to offer their cell lines and supporting products for stem cell researchers."

About ESI BIO:
ESI BIO - A Division of BioTime, Inc. (“ESI Cell International Pte Ltd.”) is a unique research reagent organization which markets and distributes human embryonic stem cell lines under conditions designed to be compliant with principles of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), making them suitable for use in clinical research and regenerative medicine. ESI BIO's portfolio includes PureStem® human embryonic progenitors, HyStem® hyaluronan-based hydrogels, antibodies, and small molecules for stem cell differentiation and reprogramming.

ESI BIO's mission is to develop innovative research products that help translate scientific discoveries to the clinic. ESI BIO facilities are located in La Jolla and Alameda, California, with a third location in Singapore.

Learn more at www.esibio.com

About 2B Scientific:
2B Scientific is a specialist distributor of immunological reagents to the UK life science market. 2B Scientific takes a novel approach to life science reagents distribution and provides a wide range of products including antibodies, PCR and flow cytometry reagents, apoptosis assays, proteins and life science consumables.

Learn more at www.2BScientific.com

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2BScientific Ltd
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