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MedToGo International travels with American Patients to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

MedToGo International travels with American Patients to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for Aesthetic Surgeries, Announces Discount Packages to new Patients

Tempe, AZ, October 18, 2011 - November 2011: MedToGo International travels with American Patients to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for Aesthetic Surgeries, Announces Discount Packages to new Patients

Surgical patients in search of premium quality, affordable, safe medical care will travel with MedToGo International to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, beginning November 1, 2011 to undergo varied procedures.

Inviting new patients, MedToGo announces a $500 discount on aesthetic and orthopedic surgery packages, and a 25% discount for surgeries related to obesity, such as gastric bypass. A few examples of reduced prices for popular aesthetic procedures include:

Mommy Makeover (Tummy tuck, 3 areas of Liposuction & Breast Augmentation): $7,300

Breast Lift and Augmentation: $4,300

Facial Rejuvenation (Facelift, Brow lift, Eyelids): $5,200

Pre-Wedding (Breast Augmentation, Liposuction & Gluteus Augmentation) $6,500

MedToGo patient, Candace Smith, had this to say about her successful experience with aesthetic surgery performed in Mexico, “…when you meet Dr. Ceballos, you will immediately feel a sense of calmness and peace in his presence.” MedToGo has empowered hundreds of patients to gain access to quality medical care for up to 80% savings compared to procedures performed in the United States.

A medical travel company owned and operated by a family of physicians educated and trained in America, MedToGo International, based in Tempe, Arizona, coordinates every detail of a patient’s trip south of the border. Personally sourcing top-tiered physicians and hospitals in Mexico and Costa Rica, doctors at MedToGo offer cost-effective, safe, time sensitive alternatives.

Dr. Robert H. Page of MedToGo will accompany patients on the trip in November to Puerto Vallarta, along with a patient coordinator. Currently the owner of a bilingual medical practice in Tempe, Arizona, Dr. Page works alongside his two American educated and trained sons at MedToGo, Dr. Curtis Page and Robert R. Page.

MedToGo’s mission to provide quality, safe alternatives to medical care for the underserved in America and Canada began more than a decade ago. The organization’s Founder, Arizona native Dr. Robert H. Page, was awarded his medical degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara in 1971. He’s since served as Chief of Staff at Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital from 1991 to 1993, and enjoys accolades and respect, expertly navigating the medical landscapes in both Mexico and the U.S.

For further information regarding MedToGo’s network of physicians and hospitals, plus patient testimonials, visit http://www.medtogo.com/.

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US Mortgage Lending Helping Boost Real Estate Investment Says AAA

Real estate investment in the US is benefiting from the efforts of the government to boost mortgage lending, which in turn is boosting the economy, according to Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA).

Boston, MA, October 18, 2011 - Real estate investment in the US is benefiting from the efforts of the government to boost mortgage lending, which in turn is boosting the economy, according to Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA).

AAA’s comments follow the publication of new figures showing that real estate investment in New York has overtaken London as the biggest market. As the demand for alternative investments increases as a result of the unstable stock markets, the number of people looking to put their money in the safer asset of real estate has risen and the US market is extremely popular.

As more and more investors understand the importance of the biggest and best real estate, they are opting to put their cash in the big cities, such as New York, Boston, Chicago and Atlanta. New York has taken the number-one spot for real estate investment, which was formerly held by London, which has suffered as a result of less lending from banks in the UK, claims AAA.

The alternative investment advocacy group’s analysis partner, Anthony Johnson, said, “It’s not too surprising that New York and the US market in general is feeling the benefits of the US government’s efforts to boost the property market through helping banks to continue to offer mortgages.”

He added, “Real estate is still seen as an attractive option for those looking to diversify their portfolios to risk.” The stock markets have been particularly volatile in recent months and investors are losing large sums of cash overnight as a result. Providing the US economy continues to slowly recover, the real estate markets looks promising. Other options for keen alternative investors include forestry, through firms like Greenwood Management, and private equity investment.

Total investment in the New York area real estate sector in the 12 months to August this year increased by an impressive 166 per cent to $29.7 billion. The figures were compiled by real estate experts, Cushman & Wakefield.

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The Enemy of Innovation? Expertise, Says "Best Practices Are Stupid" Author Stephen Shapiro

People tend to think an expert is the be-all and end-all - the A-to-Z on an important subject. But that's not true when it comes to innovation, says writer and innovation leader Stephen Shapiro, author of "Best Practices Are Stupid". Expertise can actually keep business leaders from that one great idea that will push them to the top.

Boston, MA, October 16, 2011 (Straight Line PR) -- The idea of expertise brings to mind a tub filled with everything one needs to know about a subject. The expert on dish washing soap seemingly knows everything there is to know about dish washing soap. But what Stephen Shapiro shows in his latest book, Best Practices Are Stupid, is that expertise is the enemy of innovation. Why? Because expertise assumes it knows everything there is to know about a subject, when in fact it's one good "idea-merge" away from true brilliance.

"The more you know about a particular topic, the more difficult it is for you to think about it in a different way," says Shapiro. "If you want breakthroughs, you need to bring together people from a wide range of disciplines, backgrounds, and experiences."

This isn't just a theory. In his new book, Best Practices Are Stupid ( http://amzn.to/BestPracticesAreStupid ), Shapiro points to research by Lee Fleming, a Harvard Business School professor who discovered that multidisciplinary work is "frequently superior to the best innovations achieved by conventional approaches". Interestingly, Fleming's research showed that:

* Similar background teams equaled great successes, yet few breakthroughs.

* Cross-disciplinary teams equaled higher failure rate, yet radical innovations with potential to create incredible value.

The question Shapiro poses is whether there's a way to get the benefits associated with diversity without any of the undesirable effects. He answers, "Yes" - and says the key is "open innovation".

"Open innovation is all about engaging people outside of your organization to help solve challenges," says Shapiro (sign up for his monthly Free Innovation Tips at http://www.steveshapiro.com/contact/ ). "It's like when Netflix went outside itself to find a way to improve video recommendation by 10 percent. Or when a solution was found to help in the cleanup of the [oil spilled by the] Exxon Valdez tanker. We must choose open innovation over expertise. It's simply the way to go."

Stephen Shapiro's most recent book, Best Practices Are Stupid discusses the phenomenon of Open Innovation and other paradigm-breaking ideas, and can be found on Amazon.com at http://amzn.to/BestPracticesAreStupid

About Stephen Shapiro:
Stephen Shapiro is one of the foremost authorities on innovation and collaboration, and has personally touched hundreds of thousands of lives in over 40 countries. While Stephen's insights apply to virtually any organization, big or small, he has contributed to shifting the innovation culture for such Fortune 500 organization as Staples, GE, BP, Johnson & Johnson, Fidelity Investments, Pearson Education, Nestle, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. As the founder and creator of a 20,000 person internal innovation practice within Accenture, and advisor to hundreds of organizations worldwide, Stephen possesses a rare and extensive arsenal of tools, allowing him to arm any organization with the knowledge they need to shift their most threatening challenges.

Stephen can be reached at 617-379-1177 or online at http://SteveShapiro.com

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The Queen Cities Very Own Tiny T (Da Boss) Gets Raved Reviews for her Latest Single "Next"

The Charlotte Born Emcee is the Next Big Female Hip-Hop Artist To Represent the Dirty South

Charlotte, NC, October 18, 2011 - Enough with all the talk about Trina, Nicki, Kim and Rasheeda. Hip-Hop fans keep your eyes on Tiny T (Da Boss), she' got big things poppin and her name keeps coming up by the right people. Tiny T, dropped a single this past Summer called "Next"and since it's release her phone has been ringing off the hook with all types of offers. "Next" is a follow-up to her underground fan favorite "Boss Lady" which also received raved reviews and radio spins. Most recently Tiny T has caught the attention of fans outside of the Charlotte and Charleston areas, her current fan-base is growing in cities like Atlanta, Alabama, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Tampa.

If your a fan of real Hip-Hop music then you'll enjoy Queen Cities best kept secret, Tiny T (Da Boss). She's real and she's not your typical cookie cutter, female Emcee that only knows how to rap about drugs, money, and "trickin". Tiny T is a certified Boss Diva that got a whole lot to say and aint afraid to say it. She can hold herself down in any battle against any male or female emcee that comes at her. Her lyrical skills are limitless and her style is unparalleled. Tiny's steady rise in interest came once she won the "Charlotte Artist Celebration Showcase" then she dropped "Next" and the DJ's started putting it on mix-tapes.

Tiny T, is breaking her way in the music game by keeping the clubs jumping and keeping her rapidly growing fan-base begging for more. She is all about having fun and stacking chips. Once she's on stage Tiny takes over the mic and rips it over any track, beat or baseline. Tiny has a realistic skill in storytelling and getting her rhymes across. She's currently in the studio and is also taking show dates across the country.

For Press, DJ,s & Media Please download a promotional copy of "Next" featuring Tiny T (Da Boss) copy & Paste Link: http://www.filestube.com/8Hg8fhAoU6T2mcoip6VJqE/Tiny-T-Da-Boss-Next-Clean.html.


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About Tiny T :
Tiny T (Da Boss) is an American Hip-Hop recording artist and song writer from Charlotte, NC. Her first single "Boss Lady" gained massive notoriety on the music charts and she is still a force to be reckoned with throughout the South. Tiny T, has achieved much success as a female Emcee in both the North & South Carolina markets. So far Tiny T has performed well over 200 shows and has opened up for everybody in the Hip-Hop game from Plies to Big Daddy Kane.

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