Friday, February 24, 2012

Discover the Depth of Yangon and the Golden Rock in Luxury and Style

Luxury Travel Ltd is promoting “Discover the depth of Yangon and the Golden Rock” for discerning travelers.

Hanoi, Vietnam, February 25, 2012 - Luxury Travel Ltd ( is an Asian luxury travel specialist specializing in privately guided and fully bespoke holidays for clients who are looking for something special.

“This tour allows you to discover the depth of Yangon and the Golden Rock. This former capital city of Myanmar still maintains its colonial charm, with wide tree lined avenues, tranquil lakes, and gracious turn of the century architecture. You discover the most highlights of the Yangon - Bago - Golden Rock - Thanlyin and have free time shop for the rubies, sapphires and jade in the Scott Market. This trip has been carefully designed to provide a unique experience in Myanmar, promote cultural understanding and exchange, flow smoothly from place to place, allow time for relaxation and exploration on your own, provide maximum value, and very importantly to be enjoyable. The itinerary can be modified to suit your tastes, timeframe, budget, and special interests” Said Henry, Tour Manager of Luxury Travel Myanmar.

The magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda dominates the city skyline, while at street level Yangon is a paradise for shoppers seeking a variety of exotic arts and crafts.

Of particular interest in the many shops of Scott Market are Myanmar's precious stones, including rubies, sapphires and jade. At night, Chinatown comes alive with pungent aromas and delicious street food.

Opened in 2004, Luxury Travel Company Limited is the first luxury tour operator and DMC in Vietnam, has its own offices, luxury vehicles, luxury travel advisors, and serves thousands of high-end travelers every year. The company’s depth of experience and large infrastructure enable it to create unique itineraries with the operational confidence to fulfill client expectations. Luxury Travel Ltd has won numerous travel awards for excellent performance, including the most recent award: “Best Luxury Tour Operator in Vietnam.”

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Thousands of Patients Treated for Removal of Toenail Fungus at Your Next Step, Philadelphia

Many people are discouraged by the inability to get rid of their toenail fungus. Your Next Step in Philadelphia has helped thousands of patients get clear toenails by using a toenail fungus laser technology treatment instead of traditional medicines.

Philadelphia, PA, February 22, 2012 (Straight Line PR) -- Your Next Step announces the treatment of over a thousand patients with toenail fungus since it began using the revolutionary technology in June 2009. After the laser treatment patients report significant improvement in the appearance of their toenails.

"Many patients we see have a nail infection in the nail bed which causes mild discoloration and thickening of the nail," says Dr. Eric Ricefield, Board Certified podiatrist at Your Next Step. "Treating the toenail fungus with this innovative, state-of-the-art laser technology gets rid of the toenail fungus fast so patients can have clear toenails again."
The toenail fungus laser treatment is fast, safe and effective. Treatment is completed in a single session using a laser that penetrates the surface of the toenail fungus to eradicate the underlying infection. The procedure begins working instantly, with positive results appearing quickly. There is also minimal recovery time. After the toenail fungus laser treatment ( ), most patients immediately put on socks and shoes, walk right out the door and return to their daily activity.

A short video overview of this innovative laser toenail fungus removal process can be seen on YouTube at

The most important part of the doctor-patient relationship at Your Next Step is building a foundation of trust. Patients describe their experience at Your Next Step in Philadelphia as professional, caring and knowledgeable. Most importantly, they report being happy, confident and satisfied with their toenail fungus laser treatment ( ).

"I want to thank [Your Next Step] for the laser surgery performed on my toenails last summer," says Deadra M., patient at Your Next Step. "It has been less than a year since my procedure and the results are incredible -- my nails went from ridged, yellow and cracked to smooth, clear and shiny. Your laser procedure was my last attempt and a true success. Thank you for allowing me to show my feet again in public."

For information on getting clear toenails free of toenail fungus, visit

About Your Next Step:
The philosophy of Your Next Step in Philadelphia is to provide the highest quality podiatric care to its patients. Together, our board certified podiatrists have a total of 50 years experience and qualifications. We have made a commitment to provide accuracy in diagnosis, comprehensive patient education and to effectively treat the needs of all of our patients. Our approach is caring and innovative using state-of-the-art technology in providing treatment for toenail fungus removal ( ). Our podiatrists are professional, educated and ready to help you. Contact Your Next Step New Nail Laser Centers at (215) 385-5083.

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New album ‘Harvest On A Hype’ from Dead Smiling Pirates

The Danish rock band Dead Smiling Pirates releases the new album 'Harvest On A Hype' on February 27th 2012.

Copenhagen, Denmark, February 24, 2012 - The Danish rock band Dead Smiling Pirates releases the new album 'Harvest On A Hype' on February 27th 2012.

Focus groups gave their verdict and chose songs for Dead Smiling Pirates' new album. The band used focus groups to determine the quality of the tracks for their new album 'Harvest On A Hype'. Focus groups identified potential singles and album tracks and two tracks that were not good enough.

The result was that the band scrapped two of the original 13 tracks on the album. Focus groups felt that these songs were not good enough to be released. The album will only contain 11 tracks when it's released on February 27th 2012.

Lead singer Kim Burmeister said: “It was obviously hard to know that there were two tracks that were not good enough. But we removed these songs from the album. After all, we must admit that the album actually has improved. It's been a very rewarding process, and it is certainly something we would do again”.

Dead Smiling Pirates comes from Copenhagen, Denmark, and the Danish music pirates set sail on the musical oceans in 2006. The trio plays alternative rock with attitude and they released their debut album in 2007. Dead Smiling Pirates is inspired Paramore, Linkin Park and Foo Fighters etc. The band consists of Kim Burmeister (vocal and guitar), Erik Aaberg (drums) and Rasmus Christensen (bass).

Listen to songs from the new album on Dead Smiling Pirates website:

Kim Burmeister
Dead Smiling Pirates
Istedgade 55
Copenhagen, Denmark DK-1556
+ 45 26 83 68 51