Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hydro Dynamics HHO, Releases New Website HydroDynamo.com

HydroDynamo.com was designed to inform the public on how to Save fuel and Reduce Carbon Pollution created by Diesel and Gasoline engines.

Boca Raton, FL, October 30, 2013 - The public in alarming numbers is voicing concerns over the high cost of fuel and the record levels of Carbon Pollution (400 PPM). The price of fuel around the world is at high levels, the public is demanding a solution.

The new HydroDynamo.com website domain was designed to inform and offer solutions. The website is linked to HydroDynamicsHHO.com's website and information blog. Here the consumer can find the latest and most up to date information available.

The easiest and most efficient solution for those who commute over the road is a Hydrogen "Booster". This is where Hydrogen gas is injected into an engine helping petroleum fuels burn cleaner and more efficiently. NASA has been using Hydrogen for over 20 years, it was on all the Space Shuttle Missions (NASA.gov).

To properly harness and utilize Hydrogen gas safely requires knowledge and experience. Kits or homemade HHO units may lack the integrity and design necessary to be safe and work properly. Some instructions (DIY) show how to use a plastic bottle or glass Mason jar; kits may have a thin plastic housing and get very hot when the needed power is supplied to them. These methods can be dangerous and may burn up or stop working.

Hydrogen on demand is safe when properly used. It can help internal combustion engines run smoother and cleaner reducing the Carbon pollution they create (+/-85%) and helps burn fuel more efficiently increasing MPG (20% to 50%).

Those interested in utilizing Hydrogen gas, look for a unit that is well constructed and large enough to handle the current/amperage needed for your engine. Follow directions and find that “sweet spot,” you will be helping yourself and the environment. Information is available online; at www.HydroDynamo.com

The HydroDynamicsHHO.com™ team has been advancing Hydrogen Technologies since 1999. They have incorporated the latest designs into their latest release; the Hydro Dynamo "Booster, ™ improvements others do not have. Individuals and Companies interested in saving fuel and helping our environment call or email for the latest information and updates.

Go GREEN – Burn Clean!

Cary Nagdeman
Hydro Dynamics HHO, Inc.
Cary Nagdeman
149 SW 15th Dr
Boca Raton, Florida USA

SAFE International Launches New Nepean Self Defense Website – Nepean, ON Self Defense

SAFE International is launching its newly updated website for Nepean Women’s Self Defense as well as their other course offerings.

Nepean, ON, October 29, 2013 - (Straight Line PR) - Nepean Self Defense, SAFE International Launches New Nepean Women’s Self Defense Website.

SAFE International ™ is the leading provider of mobile women’s self defense training in Canada. SAFE International has taught more than 175,000 women since 1994. SAFE International is launching its newly updated website for Nepean Women’s Self Defense as well as their other course offerings.

Among the SAFE International course offerings you will find on the new website are:
SAFE International Nepean Women Self Defense Parties. Forget Tupperware Parties. Invite 6 to 8 of your friends for a few hours of fun, education and potentially life-saving instruction with one of their SAFE Women’s Self Defense Parties. Plan a meal, snacks, or dessert, and be prepared for a unique self defense experience! What has made them so popular is their unique method of teaching with humour and sharing of anecdotes. Get to experience the simulated attacks in scenario specific situations such as at the front door, the kitchen, the car, etc.

SAFE International Nepean Self Defense for high school students. SAFE International has become Canada’s most popular high school course for both boys and girls due to the fact that they are not teaching martial arts, but rather a practical approach to personal safety with an emphasis on detecting and defusing potentially dangerous situations. All of our instructors are certified through SAFE International and have a unique ability to reach the students in an effective and memorable manner. SAFE International teaches approximately 13,000 students each year with a heavy presence teaching self defense in Nepean, ON.

SAFE International offers Nepean Corporate Self Defense Courses. This self-protection seminar will provide employees with tips and strategies to recognize and avoid personal security risks while on the job. Through the teaching of both verbal and non-verbal techniques, the participants will learn how to take common sense measures to reduce the risk of being a victim. The knowledge they gain from the seminar can be applied to all aspects of their profession – sales, interacting with customers, travel, and other work related transactions. There are many instances when one might find themself in an uncomfortable and potentially threatening situation – entertaining clients, traveling, leaving late at night by car, taxi, public transport, walking, etc.

Nepean Self Defense for men is another course offering you will find on the new SAFE International website. Learn how to identify the most vulnerable areas of the body, and how to strike them in a quick, non-telegraphed manner. SAFE International instructors cover many devastating strikes such as eye rakes, palm strikes, elbows, knees, kicks plus how to attack other vulnerable areas of the body. A very popular concept taught at any Ottawa Self Defense course is, “The Shredder”, which can be best described as an extremely effective Close Quarter Concept that can be utilized in a wide range of low to potentially high level violent scenarios. The Shredder targets the most vulnerable areas of the attacker without having to memorize countless “techniques”. Another major benefit of the Shredder is that it does not require years to learn.  It is a concept of self defense that immediately disrupts the attacker’s ability to continue their attack, and allows the tables to be turned quickly and effectively in the victims favour.

Please visit the new SAFE International website by visiting www.safeinternational.biz. You can also contact CEO, Chris Roberts, by email at info@safeinternational.biz, or toll free at 1-800-465-5972.

Chris Roberts
SAFE International™
15535 Cooper Rd.
Lunenburg, ON
Canada K0C 1R0
1 800 465-5972

Five Myths about Google Sites

Google Sites, a member of the Google Apps family, is a strong tool for creating wikis and web pages.

Los Gatos, CA, October 29, 2013 - Google Sites, a member of the Google Apps family, is a strong tool for creating wikis and web pages. Offered through the Google Apps Productivity suite, it allows individuals to create a collaborative website where numerous users can share files. Sadly, not many people know about Google Sites despite the potential benefits it has to offer. This is because of a number of myths that plague users’ minds and prevent them from availing this service.

If you have heard a few bad things about Google Sites, check them against the following top myths about this service and discover the truth.

Myth #1) Google Sites isn’t Free

People have gotten used to finding a catch in everything, which is why it’s easier to suspect that such a valuable service comes with a price. However, Google Sites is free. Regardless of the number of websites you create, rest assured that you don’t have to pay a dime, not even for upkeeping or web hosting.

Myth #2) Google Sites Doesn’t Offer Much Storage

Sites created via a personal Gmail have a storage quota of 100 MB per site. Now this may seem less for many. However, considering the fact that embedded Google Documents, YouTube videos or other Google services don’t count against your storage quota, you’ll be getting a good deal. If you still want more, you can go for a site through Google Apps to get 10 GB per domain. If that isn’t enough, you have the Google Apps for Business option, which provides you with 10 GB plus 500 MB per paid user.

Myth #3) Google Sites Can’t Produce a Company Website

Just a peek into Google Sites’ landing page will disprove this myth. For starters, you will see that the service offers company intranet and project work site templates. Another factor which disproves this “fact” is the availability of Google Site’s services company-wide through Google Apps Premier Edition. With this plan, you will get:

* 10 GB of storage and 500 MB for each user account
* Sharing settings for managing Google Sites
* Easy publishing features
* Integration of Gmail with 25 GB e-mail storage per account
* Addition of Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Talk for easy collaboration

With so much to offer, how can Google Sites not be suitable for company websites?

Myth #4) Google Sites Has Limited Functionality

Because Google Sites doesn’t support CSS or JavaScript, many conclude that the service is limited. However, Google has always prided itself on having a unique architecture. Therefore, rather than supporting these conventional tools, it uses XML, RSS, JQuery, custom gadgets and 60 of its services including Google Apps Scripts, YouTube and Google Maps. That way your website can be highly interactive.

If you’re still feeling down about not being able to use JavaScript, there is a way out using Google Gadgets. Gadgets are applications written in XML, HTML and JavaScript. Developers create these using the Google Gadgets API. However, you’re welcome to use prebuilt gadgets from the Gadget Gallery. Some applications you may like are those displaying RSS feeds or the local weather. You can even customize the gadgets through the WYSIWYG editor without ever interacting with the code.

Myth #5) Google Sites Have a Bad Design

Web pages made with Google Sites usually look attractive since you get to choose from dozens of design themes, which include images, backgrounds and text styles. You can also go to the Template Gallery to pick a template for your whole site’s layout and structure. However, if these don’t produce the results you want, you can always get in touch with a Google Sites web designing company like BNH Services.

BNH Services offers you the chance to improve your communication and enhance your visibility virtually. Through its Google Sites Design service, you can get two drafts and three web page designs, Google Apps setup, and Google Search Engine submission.

To give you a peak at what you can get by hiring a specialist Google Sites developer such as BNH Services, here are some examples (http://tinyurl.com/oemcmoe).

So if these myths have stopped you from choosing Google Sites in the past, don’t let them do so in the future.

Harry Jung
BNH Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 321417
Los Gatos, CA 95032
(408) 982-7363