Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fire Retardant Spray used in the World Trade Center Reconstruction is Available for Homeowners

After being used in the reconstruction of World Trade Center Number 7 in New York City, New York, Inspecta-Shield Plus is now available to help homeowners and small business owners protect their property, loved ones and customers.

Deer Park, NY, September 09, 2011 - When construction began on the World Trade Center adjacent to Ground Zero, the architect and construction teams employed numerous techniques to help increase safety in the landmark building. As a part of these safety measures, Northeast Fireshield's Inspecta-Shield Plus fire-retardant spray was applied in the elevator banks on three of the building's floors.

The presence of Inspecta-Shield Plus spray helps increase the amount of time available to safely evacuate a building like the World Trade Center, but it is just as effective when used in a home or small business. Inspecta-Shield works by causing an increase in the combustion temperature of flammable items. More simply put, the product makes items resistant to flames, meaning that temperatures must become higher for them to burn in comparison to an untreated product.

Northeast Fireshield's Inspecta-Shield Plus spray is completely nontoxic. Its colorless formula is invisible under normal lighting, so it has no impact upon the appearance of a treated room or material. A versatile product, Inspecta-Shield Plus works on lumber, carpeting, curtains, paper, draperies and many other flammable materials. Trained technicians from Northeast Fireshield perform the application of Inspecta-Shield Plus using specialized sprayers. After a 48-hour curing period, that one application is enough to protect the treated area.

Inspecta-Shield Plus is the only colorless, Class A fire retardant spray on the market that carries the approval of the IC Evaluation Service for lumber and plywood. The product also has accreditations through numerous other agencies, including Underwriters Laboratory, the Federal Aviation Administration and the New York City Fire Department.

Its proven ability to increase the amount of time for safe evacuations and effective responses from firefighters has made Northeast Fireshield's Inspecta-Shield Plus spray part of the fire safety systems in many well known facilities, such as the Metropolitan Opera and the US Embassies around the world. Now, the same formula used to protect these important buildings can help protect the things most important to homeowners, too.

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Text Message Marketing with to Increase Retail Sales

Qittle is a text message marketing software platform for big & small businesses. Communicate with your customers on their mobile phone through text messages.

Aspen CO, September 09, 2011 - Text Message Marketing With To Increase Retail Sales. Mobile is now being used to supplement other marketing channels and a survey by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) recently revealed that 88 per cent of major online retailers currently promoting themselves through SMS subscriptions, iPhone apps or mobile sites, it’s vital that text message marketing is integrated into a cross-channel strategy says Casey McConnell CEO of

Most retail businesses are consumed with trying to acquire new customers and forget about communicating with their current customers. Most retail business do not communicate with customers well. Text Messaging Strategy is a must in today’s mobile world McConnell says. Text messaging is used more than Internet and voice communication combined. Over 91% of the population in the United States has a cell phone and they usually carry it with them everywhere they go. Those phones are responsible for the number of text messages sent each month which reaches far into the trillions.

Qittle is a text message marketing software platform for big & small businesses. Communicate with your customers on their mobile phone through text messages. For more information on how Qittle can help your business grow contact Casey McConnell at 866.761.7442 or visit

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