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How to Work From Home - Employment Opportunity Launches New, Exciting Business

Experienced, successful entrepreneur introduces new marketing strategy for penny auction site, allowing ordinary people to make extraordinary incomes working from home.

Bend, OR, August 28, 2012 (Straight Line PR) -- Jim Schneider, a successful retired businessman, recently discovered a new concept in marketing that is a true money making opportunity for the average person. It is a program that can, with some effort and elbow grease, result in a large income.

"I've never seen anything like this before," says Schneider. "I've seen a lot of different programs and schemes, but this one is unique in its simplicity and payout. And, with the Founders Program in place, the opportunity is even greater."

The Founders Affiliate Program, which is limited to 1,000 positions, has just been introduced and will allow a limited number of people to join during the pre-launch period. These Founders will then be positioned to ride the wave of expected growth and success. However, people should be aware that when all one thousand positions are filled, the Founders Program will no longer be available. Openings are expected to go fast.

"This is a time to do your due diligence and research quickly to be able to take advantage of this unbelievable opportunity," says Schneider. "In fact, if anyone is truly interested, they should contact me right away or the Founder positions will be filled."

The program itself requires affiliates to promote the Company's penny auction bid site at https://www.bluebirdbids.com/newaccount/index/6561676c65/313039/ by purchasing bid packs, which the company will use to grow the popularity of the penny auction site itself. Then, at the end of each day, the Company will tally the day's profits from the penny auctions, and will distribute 50% of those funds to its affiliates, based on the number of shares they hold. So, affiliates literally get paid every day. Those funds are placed into a separate account that the affiliate can draw from anytime he or she desires.

In addition, affiliates must place an online ad each day to promote the penny auction. It's a simple procedure even for the most un-savvy computer person. Provided the affiliate follows an easy, step-by-step process each day, they will be qualified to get paid according to the number of shares they hold.

Additionally, the company has set up a system whereby affiliates can share the opportunity with others, and earn an override from their efforts. This is an exciting addition to the profit sharing plan. The program offers anyone an opportunity to create any desired income and life-style, Whether the affiliate is a part-time non-recruiter or a seasoned sales professional.

"I've seen a lot of programs out there, and most of them are structured so that just a few individuals make the bulk of the money," adds Schneider. "If you have experience with work at home programs, great. Most people, however, have tried and failed at these programs. This one is different. If it wasn't, believe me... I would not be part of it".

More information can be found at http://founder.pennyauctionvault.com/

About Jim Schneider:
Jim Schneider has been in the sales and marketing field for over 25 years. He has owned multiple businesses and has a good understanding of what makes a company successful. He is now semi-retired and lives with his wife in Bend, Oregon. Schneider can be reached via email at leads@dyemarketing.com or by calling 413-521-3883.

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Cool Off with The Hignell Companies Heating and Air Home Repair Service

The Hignell Companies offers fast and efficient service for home heating and air conditioning. Their heating and air technicians provide expert knowledge and ensure the scope of the project is clearly understood from beginning to end. In addition to HVAC, The Hignell Companies can take care of other home maintenance services including electrical, plumbing, cleaning and painting.

Chico, CA, August 28, 2012 (Straight Line PR) -- The Hignell Companies provides timely service for home heating and air systems when customers need it most. Existing customers and potential customers are advised to practice effective home maintenance by having heating and air systems serviced by the expert technicians at The Hignell Companies.

"During the hot summer months, HVAC systems work extra hard to keep homes cool and comfortable," explains a Hignell Expert Technician. "Without proper maintenance, HVAC systems can fail. At The Hignell Companies, we know this makes life miserable, so we do all we can to offer the quickest service without sacrificing quality."

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, (or HVAC) are the three primary functions of a system. HVAC controls air temperature and humidity, and maintains the quality of air in the building. ( http://www.hignell.com/heating-and-air ) A complete HVAC system tune-up can help prevent costly breakdowns and increase the longevity of heating and air systems.

The Hignell Companies can service existing heating and air systems or install an entirely new HVAC unit. In either case, when The Hignell Companies performs heating and air home maintenance service ( http://www.hignell.com/services ), it offers its clients regular communication, satisfaction, understanding of the scope of the project, and clear estimates.

The Hignell Companies heating and air technicians are certified, trustworthy and knowledgeable. The Hignell Companies employs more than 150 qualified home maintenance personnel, and instills in them a sense of integrity and customer service, which is passed on to clients.

"The Hignell Companies prides itself on providing top of the line customer service," said Phil Larios, CEO of The Hignell Companies ( http://www.hignell.com/contact-us ). "We know that central heating and air are two of the most important functions in your home. That's why our experts also provide education about which HVAC product or service will suit your needs best and keep your family as comfortable as possible."

Contact The Hignell Companies to request a quote for home maintenance services or schedule an HVAC tune-up by calling 530-592-0941 or online at http://www.hignell.com/contact-us/request-a-quote

About The Hignell Companies:
The Hignell Companies is a family-owned company that has offered home maintenance services and property management for over 60 years. It presently employs more than 150 people who represent the firm in the fields of residential and commercial property management and Community Association Management. The Hignell Companies offers home maintenance services that include painting, electrical, heating and air, plumbing and cleaning. The Hignell Companies is committed to the highest standards of excellence and service, and guarantees complete customer satisfaction.

Contact The Hignell Companies to request a quote for home maintenance services or a remodeling project by calling 530-894-0404 or online at http://www.hignell.com/contact-us

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Archer Manufacturing Introduces Hygienic Soap Dispenser to Keep Restaurants Safe

A recent study shows soap dispensers commonly used in many public bathrooms, including restaurants, harbor unsafe levels of bacteria and can cause sickness. Archer Manufacturing introduces the “OPS®1-TOUCH™ Soap Dispenser” to combat both dispenser breakage, and unsanitary conditions.

San Francisco, CA, August 28, 2012 - In a recent study published in 2011 by the American Society for Microbiology titled, “Bacterial Hand Contamination and Transfer after Use of Contaminated Bulk-Soap-Refillable Dispensers”, the study showed that “Bulk-soap-refillable dispensers are prone to extrinsic bacterial contamination, and demonstrated that approximately one in four dispensers in public restrooms are contaminated. The studies also showed that in an elementary-school-based field study that bacteria on the hands of students and staff increased 26-fold after washing with soap from contaminated bulk-soap-refillable dispensers. In contrast, washing with soap from dispensers with sealed refills significantly reduced bacteria on hands.

This is important news, because many restaurants are still using the older plastic refillable style soap dispensers, thereby contributing to the sickness of both their staff and customers. Archer Manufacturing now has a superior solution for this problem with the release of their newest soap dispenser, the OPS® 1-TOUCH™. This new stainless steel soap dispenser is 100% guaranteed vandal proof and comes with a 5-year warranty. The cost of the dispensers can easily be recouped from the reduced sick time incurred by staff due to unhygienic working conditions. Also, customers will notice that the restaurant cares about maintaining healthy environmental conditions – thus leading to increased business.

Andrew Werth, VP of Marketing for Archer Manufacturing, had this to say about their new product, “Although, the 1-TOUCH™ soap dispenser can be integrated into any public environment, we are committed to informing the food and restaurant industry and making them aware of the potential hazards related to standard refillable soap dispensers.” Werth further states there are a lot of other soap dispenser products out there, but their product is the only truly patented vandal proof soap dispenser on the market. He goes on to say, “The 1-TOUCH™ Foam Hand Soap vandal proof dispenser is kick proof, punch proof, knife proof, contamination proof and is warranted for up to 5 years.

The 1-TOUCH™ foaming hand soap dispenser is durable and armored in an attractive industrial strength 14 or 16 gauge brushed stainless steel casing. It uses the OPS® Foamy Soap, which is housed in hermetically sealed disposable soap cartridges. The soap cartridges are anti-bacterial and extremely economical yielding over 2500 hand washings.”

What was the initial thinking behind the development of the OPS® 1-TOUCH™? Werth says, “there are two problems facing the food industry today. Right now most restaurants are using outdated and unsanitary reservoir type soap dispensers, which are made of metal or plastic. This typical soap dispenser leads to two common problems; first, they are easy to break, and second, they are allowing bacteria to grow inside them and are causing a lot of people to get sick.” Werth adds, “We’re also finding that a lot of establishments, especially bars, fast food chains, and schools are having trouble with vandalized soap dispensers. People are breaking the dispenser, tearing them off the wall, or even opening it up and putting disgusting things inside the soap.”

Werth is proud of their new product launch, because he thinks it’s the perfect solution to address both the health and vandalism issues facing today’s food industry. “The OPS® 1-TOUCH™ foaming hand soap dispenser uses disposable, hermetically sealed soap cartridges and disposable pumps. This eliminates the need to wash out the dispenser, and prevents bacteria from growing inside it.”

Archer Manufacturing is pleased to announce that the company is offering a “Buy and Try” program right now where if someone buys a 1-TOUCH™ dispenser they’ll give the customer a full cartridge of soap for free. People should be aware that supplies are limited, and should act soon before the program ends.

To learn more about the OPS® 1-TOUCH™ hygienic and durable soap dispenser, please click on this link now: www.VandalProof.org

Andrew Werth
VP of Marketing
Archer Manufacturing
Danville, CA

iTechno Gaming Adds New Sheriff Gaming to its Online Gaming Product Portfolio

iTechno Gaming, (ITG), one of the market leaders in providing value added, innovative and reliable gaming platform solutions, is pleased to announce that they have added Sheriff Gaming products to their suite of gaming solutions.

Valetta, Malta, August 28, 2012 - iTechno Gaming, (ITG), one of the market leaders in providing value added, innovative and reliable gaming platform solutions, is pleased to announce that they have added Sheriff Gaming products to their suite of gaming solutions.

Already well known and respected for their live casino, live poker, sports and skill games, the addition of the Sheriff Gaming slots and table games helps complete a very well rounded product offering for iTechno Gaming. Sheriff Gaming is an industry leader in the development of 3D progressive slots and other games, and they bring a lot of player excitement to their tables.

Massimiliano Isoppo, spokesperson for ITG, said “We are very excited to be able to announce this new addition to our product offering. All of our current customers are excited to have these games added to their sites, as Sheriff has a proven track record of attracting and retaining new players.”

“Our games provide players with a different kind of gaming experience thanks to creative plots, unparalleled graphics and advanced technology that creates an immersive and interactive experience that captures the player's attention and imagination.” - Sheriff Gaming 2012

iTechno Gaming provides their customers with a full suite of gaming products, and Sheriff Gaming joins other industry leader software providers working with ITG, including Evolution Gaming, Net Entertainment, Enet Poker, and WorldMatch Casino software.

Media Contact
Anna Babola
Telephone +356 21330660

About iTechno Gaming:
A limited company incorporated in Malta, Europe, in 2012, ITG GROUP is engaged as a market leader in providing value added, innovative and reliable gaming platform solutions across online, land – based and mobile platforms. Licensed in the highest reputable gaming jurisdiction of Malta, ITG GROUP has become a fully integrated, complete, cross – platform offering. ITG GROUP strives to be the acknowledged global leader and preferred partner in helping our clients succeed in the world's rapidly evolving gaming markets.

About Sheriff Games:
Sheriff Gaming is one of the youngest companies providing High Quality 3D Entertainment in the gaming industry. At Sheriff Gaming focus is kept on the detail which is essential to create the unique user experience only their 3D Animations can offer. Their products include: 3D Progressive Jackpot Slots Games backed up with supreme 3D animation movies and Realistic 3D Table Games. In addition to our extensive library of 3D slots, Sheriff Gaming has also launched a variety of 3D table games including an innovative, fully animated 3D keno game.

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