Friday, March 30, 2012

Security Benefit Corporation Launches New, Redesigned Website

Major Update for Promises Fresh Look, Easier Navigation

Topeka, Kansas, March 30, 2012 - Security Benefit Corporation, a Guggenheim Partners Company, today announced the launch of its upgraded and redesigned website.

“Today’s business world requires access to instantaneous information with clear and compelling Web navigational tools,” said Dave Clauson, 2nd Vice President, Marketing Communications, Security Benefit Life Insurance Company. “Our new website features a cutting-edge design with intuitive navigation and clear paths so financial advisors, consumers, and employers can get the information they need when they need it.”

Clauson said that whether it’s an individual looking for account information or exploring career opportunities, or it’s a financial advisor managing or building a book of business, the company’s new website provides unparalleled ease to access information.

“Beginning today, our online visitors will enjoy a much more vibrant Web experience, one that engages them with bold new colors, full-page graphics, and a clean, uncluttered design,” said Michel’ Cole, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Security Benefit Corporation. “Our new Web features exemplify our commitment to helping investors reach their retirement goals.”

Security Benefit’s new Web design is consistent with the firm’s vision to be America’s thought-leading retirement savings and income company, positioning the firm as a leading provider of savings and income solutions for America’s pre- and post-retirees. Security Benefit targets multiple wealth segments and channels of distribution through an independent merit-based distribution structure.

“Security Benefit’s website provides all the in-depth information and access necessary to quickly and effectively educate the visitor on all aspects of the company’s financial products and services,” said David Harrelson, Acquity Group, who helped in the website redesign. “The website has a sophisticated new look and feel that appeals to multiple audiences and provides a cohesive architecture and framework for telling a compelling Security Benefit story.”

The site will retain existing account and reporting functionality. The Group Trading Platform and will not change and the same URL may be used for all sites. Financial representatives and clients retain their existing account information, passwords, and user IDs to access the site.

For more information, please contact:
Michel’ Cole, Security Benefit Corporation
(785) 438-3396

Laura Parsons, CSG-PR

About Security Benefit Corporation
Founded in 1892, Security Benefit Corporation, a Guggenheim Partners Company, is a leading provider of savings and income solutions for America’s pre-and post-retirees. Security Benefit Corporation targets multiple wealth segments and channels of distribution through an independent, merit-based distribution structure. By leveraging Guggenheim’s superior general account management capabilities into highly competitive products, Security Benefit Corporation focuses on the retirement savings market providing a full range of services to independent distributors including broker/dealers, IMOs and other financial service providers. Security Benefit is indirectly controlled by Guggenheim Partners, LLC. To learn more about Security Benefit, visit

About Guggenheim Partners
Guggenheim Partners is a privately held global financial services firm with more than $125 billion in assets under management. The firm provides asset management, investment banking and capital markets services, insurance, institutional finance and investment advisory solutions to institutions, governments and agencies, corporations, investment advisors, family offices and individuals. Guggenheim Partners is headquartered in New York and Chicago and serves clients around the world from more than 25 offices in 10 countries. For more information, please visit

Services are offered through Security Distributors, Inc., a subsidiary of Security Benefit Corporation (Security Benefit).

Laura Parsons
3225 East 2nd Avenue
Denver, CO 80206

AAA welcomes New on Institutional investors' interest in Alternatives

Figures suggest that over a quarter of all searches carried out by institutional investors, relating to new mandates, are expected to be looking for alternative investments.

Boston, MA, March 30, 2012 - According to new figures from a survey carried out by eVestment Alliance in the US, over a quarter of all searches carried out by institutional investors, relating to new mandates, are expected to be looking for alternative investments. The news has been welcomed by alternative investment advocacy group, Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA), which supports many forms of alternative investments.

eVestment’s Casey Quirk spoke to some 30 investment consultants between December 2011 and January 2012 and found that those surveyed predicted that the alternative sector will be the most popular search category for institutional investors.

“This news is very welcome from our perspective as it illustrates the fact that alternatives are becoming increasingly attractive to institutional investors, as well as individuals, as a way to diversify the risk in a portfolio,” stated AAA’s analysis partner, Anthony Johnson.

The survey found that consultants expect alternative managers to be the subject of more than a quarter of searches carried out by institutional investors looking for new investments. The next two most frequently expected searches were domestic an international equities, which are expected to attract 19 per cent and 14 per cent of searches respectively.

AAA claims that the results show that the popularity of alternative asset classes, such as real estate, hedge funds and private equity, is continuing to grow as a result of the volatile equity markets. “Alternatives, such as hedge funds and real estate, as well as more left field alternatives, such as art, antiques, gold, forestry and even wine, are proving to be much more popular as here is evidence to show they are often outperforming equities in the current economic climate.”

AAA supports a range of alternative and ethical investments and concentrates much of its focus on environmentally responsible sustainable forestry investment, such as the plantation projects run by firms like Greenwood Management in Brazil ,Canada and elsewhere.

Anthony Johnson
Alternative Asset Analysis
71 Commercial St
Boston, MA 02109-1320

Mr. Universe Jeff Primm Joins Sisel International

Jeff Primm started in bodybuilding over 30 years ago and working as a personal trainer for more than 25 years.

Rockford, IL, March 30, 2012 - Mr. Universe Jeff Primm joins Sisel International. Visit to join Jeff Primm NOW or call his business partner Dan Block at 815-980-0664. Jeff Primm started in bodybuilding over 30 years ago and working as a personal trainer for more than 25 years. Jeff Primm holds titles in 7 bodybuilding federations and includes notable titles of; Mr. Illinois, Mr. World, Mr. Usa, Mr. America.

In 1999, Jeff Primm reached the all-time pinnacle of bodybuilding titles Mr. Universe. Having conquered the competitive bodybuilding arena, Jeff Primm knew he wanted to turn his time and focus towards helping others achieve their dreams too. In 1990, Jeff Primm established his personal training gym which is a culmination of a lifetime of Jeff’s passion for bodybuilding, physical and mental fitness, and helping others achieve a better quality of life. Jeff enjoys his family time and is always seen with his wife and kids. Jeff Primm’s gym members are treated as if they are part of Jeff Primm’s family everyone knows each other and it is an enjoyable experience. Jeff Primm takes great pride in learning about people and who they are as a person, before they embark on the journey of changing their physical and mental self. It takes a lot of dedication to lose 30+ lbs and Jeff Primm makes himself available to all his clients. Whether they have a question about what to eat, what meal replacement to take, or what supplements are best Jeff Primm answers personal calls pretty much at any time to answer questions. Throughout Jeff Primm’s bodybuilding career he has been asked to do movies, commercials, and be a spokesperson for products. Jeff Primm has never accepted any offer and has never endorsed a product for money to this day.

Many people have approached Jeff Primm and his wife to build a network marketing company, but the products never really had any validity or science to them. When Jeff Primm was introduced to Sisel International he was skeptical until he had the chance to speak to Tom Mower on the phone and quickly realized that Tom knew his science behind his products extremely well. This intrigued Jeff. A few weeks passed and Tom reached out to Jeff Primm about the new weight loss products and meal replacement program about to be released. On that call Tom asked Jeff to speak at the 1st national conference in Vegas about the product and his knowledge in fitness and supplements. Jeff Primm accepted Tom’s offer and spoke in front of a large audience. Jeff Primm went over his time allowed and the people were loving how real he was and the truth about nutrition. “Lack of information on the products that people are putting into their bodies is shocking! Most people trying to lose weight are just blindly buying products they know little about like the soy based products that are loaded with toxins.” Jeff Primm says, ”with the input of fitness it will speed up the process of permeating the product through your body, you can simply start taking the products Sisel offers and begin to feel good which will then be a catalyst to continue to work towards your weight loss goals.”

Jeff admires Tom’s humbleness and family values. Tom was literally begging Jeff to bring his family out to his home in Utah so the kids could play with his young daughter. Jeff says “the Triangle of Life is phenomenal. However, people need to stay active and do something with their new found energy. Whether that means go camping, kayaking, rock climbing, fishing, or even ball room dancing people need to experience what life has to offer. People get caught up in work and never seem to get ahead in life. With Sisel people can actually regain their health and by doing so take back their finances as a bi product, which will enable them to take back their lives!” Jeff is committed to doing videos to teach people how to work out properly and stay on the right path of what to eat and when to eat and the correct foods to eat for weight training. Sisel is a perfect fit for Jeff Primm and is anxious to help many people take back their lives.

Join Jeff Primm now by going to . Jeff Primm is building one of the fastest growing businesses in Sisel International. Rockford IL was named the 4th obese city in the nation and Dan Block and Jeff Primm are doing a tv campaign in the Rockford IL area to build the Sisel business with people within Jeff Primm’s organization.

Dan Block
Primm and proper personal training
123 N. Alpine rd.
Rockford, IL 61107

Apple Pie Poker Launches Their Biggest Affiliate Campaign Yet

OrientPlay Ltd., the operator of Apple Pie Poker signs on 500+ affiliates!

Valetta, Malta, March 30, 2011 - OrientPlay Ltd., an online gaming platform provider, has signed on over 500 affiliates and forums this month in an exciting effort to attract new online poker players. Their poker brand, Apple Pie Poker, has garnered much attention over the past two months as a stylish online poker venue with a difference, including a unique multi-room setup. The brand also exudes a unique art style which has been a topic of discussion amongst many online poker enthusiasts.

Apple Pie Poker’s newest poker marketing campaign includes exclusive freerolls and low buy-in tournaments with huge guaranteed money prizes, along with two travel packages to the sunny island nation of Malta, where OrientPlay Ltd. is currently headquartered. Matt Takeno, Head of Gaming at OrientPlay Ltd. offered the following regarding the promotional campaign; “I’m extremely pleased that we’re able to offer not just tournaments, but travel packages—something quite unique and tangible. We look forward to seeing a lot of healthy competition in these tournaments, and we look forward to welcoming our tournament winners to Malta. Our winners will be flown to this beautiful island, enjoy delectable local delicacies, play in live events, and much, much more. I can’t wait!”

Coupled with the sharp increase in player interest, the rest of the online gaming community is also lining up to establish affiliate partnerships with the distinguished operator. Scores of online affiliate networks, websites, and forums are keen to sign up with Lunchbox Affiliates—OrientPlay Ltd.’s aptly named affiliate program—and Apple Pie Poker will definitely be an online poker site to look out for over the next few months.

Anna Babola, Head of Operations had the following to say regarding the new affiliate signups; “We’re very pleased at the steep increase in registrations and conversions from our affiliated players on our site. This marks an important milestone in OrientPlay Ltd.’s history, and hopefully a portent of more good things to come! We’ve made huge improvements in our organisational efficacy to handle our increased traffic and player activity, and we can guarantee the gold standard in online gaming to our players. We therefore extend a warm welcome to all other prospective affiliates to join Lunchbox Affiliates, a new GPWA gold sponsored program.”

Media Enquiries
Nick Adams

About Casino Lunch & Apple Pie Poker
Casino Lunch ( offers online players a delicious menu of licensed and regulated casino games, including roulette, slots, video poker and table games. Providing a no-download experience and attractive promotions, Casino Lunch focuses on creating the best VIP player experience online. In addition the site offers a selection of both poker games through their Apple Pie Poker brand, (, which includes both Cake Network and Everleaf poker rooms. Casino Lunch and Apple Pie Poker accept players worldwide, except for those from the United States, and operates 24/7/365. Players are welcome for both free and real money action.

Nick Adams
Casino Lunch
Level 2, Centre Point Building
Dun Karm Street
Malta BKR 9037
(00356) 21 445 991

Windy Town® Releases A New Single - We’re The Cubbies - Dedicated to the Chicago Cubs® Baseball Team

When you need to get your spirits roused or your Cubbie fanboy happy, you need to play this song for them.

Bartlett, IL, April 02, 2012 -- Michael Droste, a composer and musician from Illinois, released ansingle called "We’re The Cubbies." "Much has been written about the history of the Cubs and their drive to a world series win, which has not happened in over a hundred years.”Combine that result, with your dedicated Cub fan and this song is tailor made to help them through the lean years!" said Droste. He stated, “I wanted to get the idea out there that: The Cubs Are Going To Win!" This music can change your mood and get the blood moving in fans of baseball. The wind is blowin’ out at Wrigley and our team is up to bat.

One thing you learned as a Cubs fan: when you bought you ticket, you could bank on seeing the bottom of the ninth. ~Joe Garagiola

"Turn on the TV/Radio, or go down to the game for the sight and smells of baseball. You just
can’t beat the feel of baseball on a summer’s day at Wrigley," said Droste.

The album We’re The Cubbies by Michael Droste is available through the Itunes, Amazon and other online music retailers. You can also see their music at

About Windy Town:
Windy Town is a privately owned music company founded in 1992. Located in Bartlett IL., a suburb of Chicago, they release five to ten unique musical recordings a year. Michael Droste is a graduate of the DePaul School of Music in Chicago.

Windy Town
Director of public relations

The ‘Chicago Cubs’ are the trade mark of the Chicago Cubs organization and Major League Baseball. This unofficial song which claims absolutely no rights to these trademarks.

Michael Droste
PO Box 1025
Streamwood, IL 60107-1025