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Mobile App Development and Web Technology Focus of BarCamp Harrisburg

BarCamp Harrisburg 3, an ad-hoc ‘unconference’ focused on web technology and mobile application development, is coming to Harrisburg University of Science and Technology on April 9, 2011.

Harrisburg, PA, March 30, 2011 -- BarCamp Harrisburg 3, an ad-hoc ‘unconference’ focused on web technology and mobile application development, is coming to Harrisburg University of Science and Technology on April 9, 2011.

The free event is known as an "unconference" because it is filled with open, participatory events, discussions, and workshops where presentation content is provided by the participants rather than chosen speakers. The annual event draws web developers, cloud computing experts, educators, elearning experts, application developers and software engineers.

Entry is free but limited to the first 150 signups. The topics for this year’s BarCamp Harrisburg will be the Web with tracks on education and technology, and mobile apps.

Attendees arrive around 9-10 am, have breakfast, network, and post topics they would like to discuss on a schedule board (we’ll have markers and a whiteboard available to post topics). Following a brief kick-off meeting with the entire group, the day will consist of sessions broken down into 45-minute blocks. Sessions can be discussions, workshops, or presentation-it’s up to you! There will be a break for lunch, followed by afternoon sessions that will run until around 5 pm.

BarCamp Harrisburg 3 is organized by Hauck Interactive and Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. Sponsors include Fusionized Technology, Central PA ISSA, QUE® and Mudbrick Creative.

Register online at

Past sessions at BarCamp Harrisburg have included building a site using the Gaia Flash Framework; Flash vs. HTML5; Social Media; Open source content management systems; Developing Desktop Applications using AIR; Developing Android Applications; Yahoo! Query Language; How to use SVN with Web projects; Top Photoshop Tricks; Top WordPress and Drupal plugins; Application Performance & Scaling; Best Security Practices; Unix Command Line Productivity Tips; and Applying User Interface Design to Source Code.

The first BarCamp took place in 2005, and since that time BarCamps have been held in over 350 cities all over the world. BarCamp originated as a response to Foo Camp, which was an invitation-only conference. Both conferences are a play on the terms foo, bar, and foobar, which are common placeholder/variable names used by hackers and computer programmers.

Harrisburg University is located at 326 Market Street in Harrisburg. Free parking is available on the street. Additionally, parking is available in the Harrisburg Parking Authority operated garage accessible via Fourth Street. Cost for parking in the garage is $4.00 for 0-2 hours. Kiosk for parking accepts cash only. More information on parking rates and directions to the University are found online at

You can literally take planes, trains and automobiles to BarCamp Harrisburg. The University’s location in downtown Harrisburg is near Interstates 83 and 81 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, making it an easy drive to the University from any of Pennsylvania’s major cities. And it’s only a two-hour drive from the University to Baltimore, Washington, DC or Philadelphia. The Amtrak Passenger Train Station and Greyhound Bus Station are one block from our location. And the Harrisburg International Airport is only nine miles from the University.

Founded in 2001 to address Central Pennsylvania’s need for increased opportunities for study leading to careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, Harrisburg University is an innovative and ambitious private institution that produces graduates who provide increased competence and capacity in science and technology disciplines to Pennsylvania and the nation. Harrisburg University ensures institutional access for underrepresented students and links learning and research to practical outcomes. As a private University serving the public good, Harrisburg University remains the only STEM-focused comprehensive university located between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

For more information on the University's demand-driven undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs in applied science and technology fields, call 717.901.5146 or email

Steven Infanti
HU Communications
326 Market Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Family IQ and Lead Net Pro Marketing Systems have Increased Revenue by 300 Percent for Rex Teets

Lead Net Pro is a very effective tool used to generate unique leads daily or while you sleeps.

Ramona, CA, March 31, 2011 - Family IQ and Lead Net Pro Marketing Systems have Increased Revenue by 300 Percent for Rex Teets.

Family IQ’s unique marketing position helps people generate $1000 commissions, Teets says. Lead Net Pro is a very effective tool used to generate unique leads daily or while you sleeps. This combination provides a powerful marketing tool with a product that is helping families all over the world.

After watching the marketing webinar, you begin to think what is possible.

When you are marketing on the web, having multiple income streams is more important today than any other time in history.

Teets says, after retiring from engineering has pursued an interest in Home Business/Network Marketing for about five years. When he was introduced to Family IQ and then Lead Net Pro it became obvious that this unique combination provided the tools to reach out to families and make a huge and important difference in their lives.

Learning more of how Rex Teets can help you. Mr.Teets can be reached at 760-440-0300 or visit him online at or, for Family IQ and for Lead Net Pro.

Rex Teets
Family IQ
1125 H Street
Ramona, Ca. 92065

7 Tips to Preventing Possible Plumbing Disasters at Home!

Prevention is better than cure, so the old saying goes, and it’s no truer than when you prevent a possible plumbing disaster. And according to the Brisbane Plumber, every homeowner should know how to minimize the risks of damage to their plumbing system.

Sinnamon Park, QLD, March 31, 2011 - In order to prevent or reduce the likelihood of a plumbing disaster, Paul Wright, head of the Brisbane Plumber, offers the residents of Brisbane the following plumbing disaster mitigation tips:

* The first step to avoiding plumbing emergencies is to periodically check your plumbing system, namely your sink, bathtub, shower, or other water sources for leaks. Regular checking of your plumbing system is important because it will let you discover breaches of the system that if not attended to could lead to serious problems later on. This does not only save you money that you’d be spending on major repairs later on, but it also saves you money in lowering your water bill, and of course the inconvenience of not having your regular water supply. You don’t necessarily have to check your system every day, once or twice a month will do it just fine.

* Secondly, you need to pay close attention to the kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and showers. These are potential hotspots. In other words, they experience more wear and tear than other rarely used water systems in the home. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t periodically check those areas that you don’t use regularly.

* Thirdly, make sure your drains aren’t clogged. To avoid clogged drains, you have to know the likely causes. Therefore, I advise you try avoiding hair, grease, or other debris from going into the drain. Hair or threads usually get stuck in the pipes thus prevent water from freely flowing through. Grease does the same thing. To prevent hair from getting into your drainage system, installing a drain screen is a good idea. Although most drains have a built in system that cuts and grinds leftover food, you should still try to avoid food debris getting into the drain.

* Fourthly, you need to check for leaks by closely observing the areas where the pipes are installed or joined. For instance, if you can see moisture on your wall, even though the weather is dry, or if you can find water slowly dripping from the ceiling of your basement, it is a possible sign there’s a leak somewhere in your pipe system. This would need your immediate attention if you are to ward off more serious damage later on.

Now, what if after you have carried out your preventative measures, you still find yourself facing an emergency with your plumbing system? "The first thing to do is to find the right solution to your problem. If you have knowledge about fixing taps or pipes, you should try to repair the damage yourself first before calling a plumber," owner Paul Wright, who recommends you consider the following additional steps to preventing a major plumbing disasters:

* Determine the kind of damage you have. A professional plumber usually offer different services and you have to know the kind of help that you need. Examples of common plumbing emergencies are clogged drains and toilets, blocked gutters, leaks, storm water issues, and so on. Knowing the kind of service that you need makes it easier for you to find the right plumbing professional.

* If water is continuously coming out of the pipe or faucet, try to do something about it immediately, such as preventing the continuous flow of water by turning off the main water switch because you might get a Brisbane Plumber immediately. You might have to wait a few hours before a plumber gets to you.

* Finally, it is always important to have a list of plumbers you can readily call upon even before you need their services. But if you fail to do your research, you can just browse through the yellow pages of your phone directory or ask your friends or neighbors if they know a reputable plumber.

"The above are some important things, tips, information, and considerations that you need to know about your Brisbane-based plumber that will help you in the future in case you have an emergency with your water system. Besides, you don’t need to wait for an emergency to happen before you start learning about how to take care of minor plumbing issues," said Paul Wright

For further information, please contact: Best Brisbane Plumber, 97 Sinnamon Road, Sinnamon Park QLD 4073 Australia, (07) 3376 5834, E-mail Address: , Website Address:

Paul Wright
Owner/Professional Plumber
Best Brisbane Plumber
97 Sinnamon Road
Sinnamon Park, QLD 4073
(07) 3376 5834

Antibody Labeling Company Launch New Antibody Purification Range

Innova Biosciences announce the launch of their new antibody purification range AbSelect™ to compliment their successful antibody labeling technology Lightning-Link™.

Cambridge, UK, March 31, 2011 - Innova Biosciences announce the launch of their new antibody purification range AbSelect™ to compliment their successful antibody labeling technology Lightning-Link™. Due to the benefits of direct immunodetection associated with their Lightning Link range, they have seen significant increases in sales of their simple, 30 seconds hands on antibody labeling kits. To further enhance the range, Innova has created a set of accessory kits called AbSelect™.

The AbSelect™ range is convenient, easy to use and is designed to modify buffer formulations and ensure compatibility for antibody labeling - the AbSelect™ portfolio can be used for a range of uses including purifying antibodies from serum.

Brian Carpenter, Sales and Marketing Manager at Innova Biosciences, commented, "The AbSelect range is an innovation in the antibody labeling arena - the majority of commercially available antibodies can now be labeled through the synergistic effect of using an AbSelect™ kit and a Lightning-Link™ product." He continued, "Potentially there are over 10,000 commercially available antibodies, now through the use of our kits scientists have been empowered to develop novel research tools, in the form of labeled antibodies, to advance their pioneering research."

To assist the user in identifying the correct AbSelect kit for their needs, Innova Biosciences has provided a web based antibody purification guide.

About the Company

Innova Biosciences is a growing, dynamic business, based in Cambridge, UK. At the core of Innova’s business is the Lightning-Link an innovative technology that simplifies antibody labelling for use in R&D applications, drug discovery and diagnostics. The expanding Lightning-Link portfolio currently consists of 44 individual products and is sold to research laboratories in over 30 countries around the world.

Innova Biosciences invites anyone with an interest in antibody purification to view the AbSelect™ product range now available at

For Further information or an illustrative image: Media contact - Mathew Taylor, Director, Algorythm Solutions Ltd, mobile: +44 (0)773 403 2112, email:, website:

Mathew Taylor
Algorythm Solutions Ltd
10 Torkington St, Stamford
Lincolnshire PE9 2UY
+44 (0)773 403 2112