Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Axicon Auto ID Launch Barcode Quality and Verifier Training Courses

Axicon Auto ID Ltd, (Oxford, UK) a world leader in barcode verification, announce the launch of a range barcode quality and barcode verifier training courses.

Oxford, UK, February 19, 2013 - Axicon Auto ID Ltd, (Oxford, UK) a world leader in barcode verification, announce the launch of a range barcode quality and barcode verifier training courses. The courses will cover all aspects of barcode quality ranging from retailer requirements, ISO compliance, barcode symbologies, software installation, barcode quality and barcode quality improvement.

Axicon will offer two training courses, an on-site tailored training program and a standard training program. The on-site tailored training program offers the most comprehensive package, conducted at the customer’s office and directly tailored to in-house requirements and business needs. The courses are designed to help the end user understand the full functionalities of the Axicon verifier range and advise on how to use them to their full potential to improve their day to day operations.

Passing comment, Paul Yarnell Commercial Director of Axicon Auto ID Ltd said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of our new training courses, we have built up a lot of experience as a manufacturer and feel that we can improve our customers operations by detailing that knowledge to our users” he continued, “whether it is better interpretation of results or understanding how to merge data to produce better reports, our new courses provide expert guidance on how to most effectively use our free-of-charge software platform.”

About the company, the Axicon Group is a world leading barcode verification solution provider. Based in the UK, Axicon Auto ID Ltd specialise in barcode verification, barcode images and labels and distribute their product range through a network of international partners across the globe.

Axicon Auto ID invites anyone with an interest in the new training courses to view more details online at - http://www.axicon.com/training.html.

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Veritas Prep Announces a More Effective Way for Students to Master SAT Vocabulary with iPhone App

New app introduces three powerful learning techniques to help students maximize their SAT scores

Malibu, CA, February 19, 2013 – High school students have a new choice when it comes to mastering SAT vocabulary. Veritas Prep today announced the availability of a new free app, called SAT Vocabulary by Veritas Prep to make learning common SAT level words easier. The app allows students to play games, take quizzes and master important vocabulary words through memory retrieval instead of memorization, all on their iPhone. The SAT Vocabulary app is a complement to the other free online SAT prep resources offered by Veritas Prep.

The iPhone app includes stimulating features that will keep students engaged on the path to success. Features include:

* An innovative scoring system that helps students track their progress toward becoming a “master of vocab”

* A database of over 500 commonly used SAT level words

* Sentences that show students how words are used, not just their meanings

* Missions and games to challenge students (including brutally hard levels for those vocab masters)

The app also utilizes three powerful and proven learning techniques that help ensure students retain more of what they learn.

Adaptive Learning: The app keeps track of how well students know each word and emphasizes words students need to work on so they feel comfortable with the material they already do know.

Spaced Repetition: A technique that exposes students to words gradually over time so that they become a part of long-term memory learning.

Retrieval Practice: Students are asked to retrieve words from memory through exercises like writing sentences for words, which promotes long-term memory.

“High school students are busy people. Between academics and extra-curricular activities, they are always on the go. The app makes SAT prep easy to do anywhere, at anytime. Plus, this app employs learning techniques that encourage a deep understanding of new words rather than simple memorization which will help students achieve their highest possible score,” said Chad Troutwine, co-founder and CEO of Veritas Prep.

The SAT Vocabulary by Veritas Prep can be found in the Apple store by searching for Veritas Prep. To learn more about other SAT prep resources from Veritas Prep and its college admissions consulting services visit http://www.veritasprep.com/sat/.

About Veritas Prep
Veritas Prep is the world’s largest privately-owned provider of test prep and admissions consulting services. It offers industry-leading programs to help applicants improve standardized test scores and gain admission to the world’s most selective universities. Founded in 2002 by graduates of the Yale School of Management, Veritas Prep offers its live classroom GMAT prep course in more than 90 cities worldwide and as an interactive online course available to students everywhere. Its Veritas Prep SAT 2400 course is available as a classroom course, live online, on demand or in private tutoring sessions and features the only zero risk, money back guarantee in the industry. In addition, Veritas Prep offers admissions consulting services for applicants seeking entry into competitive business schools, law schools, medical schools and other graduate programs. For more information, visit veritasprep.com.

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Justin Ligeri Launches New Web Site to Bring Together Einstein's Quantum Theory and Spirituality

Many people find it hard to reconcile science and spirituality, even though both are big parts of the human experience. Entrepreneur Justin Ligeri has launched a new blog which he hopes will help people more easily integrate both spirit and science into their lives.

Tampa, FL, February 17, 2013 (Straight Line PR) -- Anyone who saw the movie "The Matrix" can understand and appreciate how revolutionary the idea of quantum theory can be. Most people who have an appreciation for science can have trouble reconciling age old spiritual principles with scientific dogma. They often find the the two approaches to be mutually exclusive.

Justin Ligeri has launched a new web site to bring together the scientific and spiritual wisdom that he has found over the last twenty years. "I have been a seeker of truth since I was a little boy," says Ligeri. "My goal in launching this site is to share the most revolutionary spiritual and scientific concepts and ideas in a blog format. My goal is to simply share the things that I have collected on my hard drive hoping that others can benefit from them as well."

The new web site and blog, http://www.JustinLigeri.net/ , is intended to help close the perceived gap between spirituality and science.

"Over the last twenty years I have attended hundreds of seminars and lectures as well as read hundreds of books that have attempted to bring together the latest cutting edge research of science with spirituality. My purpose is to be a content curator where I comment on what I find and share it with subscribers and people of like mind hoping that they too will enjoy it," explains Ligeri.

An avid reader, researcher and traveler, Ligeri hopes that by curating content that inspires and challenges the status quo, better things will be produced from the experience.

"I am a huge believer in Albert Einstein," enthuses Ligeri, "but I am also a big fan of the Dalai Lama. While this may appear contradictory on the surface, I find that both of these visionaries share a perspective that is hugely inspiring and empowering. On each and every post, I invite readers to share their feedback and comment their thoughts and opinions. Over the last twenty years I have collected what I think are the top insights from scientists and spiritual thinkers. I always look forward to the feedback I receive."

A recent post on Ligeri's site shared a performance between Brad Paisley, and a hologram of Carrie Underwood. Subsequent posts provide insights on holograms, the holographic universe, and much more. Read more, and see the video, at http://www.JustinLigeri.net/metaphysics/nashville-country-meets-the-hologram/

Ligeri draws for his inspiration from research by Amit Goswami, Leonard Susskind, David Bohm, Karl Pribram, David Albert, Richard Feynman, William Tiller, John Hagelin, Stuart Hameroff, Nick Herbert, Andrew Newberg, Fred Alan Wolf, Dean Radin, Jeffery Satinover, Micheal Ledwidth and Brian Greene. His blog can be found at http://www.JustinLigeri.net/

About Justin Ligeri:
Justin Ligeri was born wanting to be an entrepreneur. However it took him about twenty years of living to understand that desire. He has since taken that desire and turned it into business success. Ligeri's most recent joint venture with his brother, Yagoozon, has earned a spot on the 2012 Inc. 500 list of 500 fastest growing companies in the US. Now, Ligeri plans to share his desire to unify quantum physics and spirituality. For more information, visit Ligeri's web site and blog at http://www.JustinLigeri.net/

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