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Top 40 Jobs in the U.S., and How to Get Them searched the internet for information highlighting the top in-demand jobs in the U.S. today.

New York, NY, May 18, 2011 - Today, job aggregators provide recent college graduates and professionals with an effective method for visiting hundreds of jobs boards from one access point. Job aggregators scrape millions of jobs from top job boards around the nation and centralize the access to active job listings in a single source web entry point. These specialized web platforms may redefine online workforce job search trends as millions of Americans seek to return to the labor market in large numbers.

Analysts at searched the internet for information highlighting the top in-demand jobs and best careers in the U.S. across key industries. A list was compiled of jobs by category and/or occupation. For each of the occupations, a job link was provided to a job aggregator. To extend additional value to professionals in a job transition, several career surveys were organized to capture and share career search activities and tactics among job seekers. Each career survey takes a slightly different look at the strategies that appear to create successful results with respect to securing a job or a job contact and/or tactics that are less effective for self directing a job search campaign.

Below is a list of five key strategies that recent college graduates and/or professionals will want to consider when choosing one the careers listed below. Combining research on these occupations, in addition to a well thought-out career strategy, will help to attain the highest level of satisfaction in a job search.

Solidify A Game Plan
Research the combination of skills and work experiences that are be required to enter into and excel in a chosen occupation. Start with the Department of Labor web site to secure some preliminary data. Consider the educational costs of an occupation compared to the entry level and mid level salaries trends in the industry. Set expectations realistically.

Now consider work demands and location requirements. Assess your most marketable profit making and problem skills - then re-assess salary requirements and job style expectations. Select industries that show stable sales or high growth. Also consider selecting industries that contain job functions and work environments that you have a passion for.

If you were in an extended layoff, then take some time to evaluate if work skills are current enough to re-enter the market. If your in-demand skills have slipped then it may be time to consider one or more refresher courses to re-tool skill sets.

Target And Approach Employers Directly
Use company and recruiter directories to build a contact database and tap into a hidden job market of un-advertised jobs. Approach friends, colleagues, and relatives for referrals.

Mobilize The Resources of Top Recruiters
Use job search tools to send a resume to a targeted recruiter list. When a good match becomes available then they will have your resume and contact information on file.

Give Yourself The Competitive Edge
Create high impact cover letters that highlight marketable skills. Send letters directly to acquired contacts.

Stay Organized - Keep Focused
Follow up with job contacts on a timely basis. When you send out your resume, track who you are sending it to and what they are doing with it. Stay in touch with personal networks and recruiter contacts. Call within a week and ask for an informational interview to get acquainted with the companies needs.

Take A Career Survey - Find out how your colleagues are doing!

Find out what successful strategies and tactics are working for your colleagues.

Click the link below to review the list of the top 40 U.S. jobs and/or to share your job search strategies and tactics in a career survey that will be shared by all participants.

Top 40 Jobs In The U.S.

If you are looking for positions in these fields then you can start at’s Job Mall. Job Mall is a jobs aggregator that compiles job listings from job sites around nation and centralizes access to them at

Computer Systems Analyst
Business Systems Analyst
Computer programmer
System network architect
Computer support specialist
Civil engineering
Environmental technician
Market research analyst
Biomedical engineer
Athletic trainer
Dental hygienist
Lab technician
Family therapist
Physician's assistant
Physical therapist
Occupational therapist
Radiological technologist
Registered nurse
School psychologist
Dental Hygienist
Financial adviser
Paralegal Assistant
Meeting planner
Public relations specialist
Sales manager
Training specialist
Human resources manager

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