Wednesday, July 20, 2011

'Art Breakthrough' Offers the Opportunity of a Lifetime to Visual Artists

A brand new UK art book competition giving visual artists an opportunity in the professional art world.

Buckinghamshire, UK, July 21, 2011 - Art Breakthrough, a brand new UK based art competition is giving (international) visual artists the chance to be included in a prestigious publication, scheduled for it's first release on 31st October 2011. The publication will be entirely focused on artist's creations and will be seen by some of UK's most prestigious galleries.

Despite the huge number of opportunities for an artist online, getting artwork published and applying to prestigious galleries has become increasingly difficult and created many new challenges. Most commonly the system requires artists to email their CV including images of their work. With vast numbers of artists applying to galleries, progressively the process has become just as much if not more about whom artists are, as opposed to the art work they produce.

Art Breakthrough is looking to break the limitations of modern challenges faced by artists.

To do this the book will be strictly focused on artist's images. It will not feature any CV's, long articles or biographies and only the artist's name and contact information will be included. The publication will give artists the opportunity to be published and let their artwork speak for itself, while being presented to some of the UK's most prestigious galleries.

"Having your work published is in itself a great achievement and knowing that your work will be presented to some of the finest galleries in the UK is the opportunity of a lifetime. I would recommend it to anybody who believes in their artwork, to take the chance and enter the competition." Paul Fullylove, Artist/Director.

The launch of the art book competition's first issue is entitled "Open Your Eyes" and will include artists with a message in their artwork. Following it's launch in October 2011 Art Breakthrough will continue as a quarterly publication. Each issue will offer a different theme, giving artists of all mediums a wide range of opportunities.

A fantastic concept for both artists and curators, Art Breakthrough has found a way to eliminate the endless CV's and images that curators need to sift through and artists need to email. "This is a fantastic idea, getting the artist's work straight in front of the right people. I love the fact that the book will only contain images, focusing on the art not the artist! Thanks for a great opportunity." Amanda E. Holleran, Artist Agent.

The idea was born when artist and director Paul Fullylove wanted to create a high quality book focused in the UK and aimed at the the top end galleries. A competition created by artists for artists, the Art Breakthrough team is determined to help artists break through the barriers of the art world.

For more info, please visit:

Paul Fullylove
Art Breakthrough
PO Box 311, Great Missenden
Buckinghamshire HP16 0TL
United Kingdom

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