Thursday, August 18, 2011

New 4-1/2 Hour DVD Reveals Build-it-Yourself Hot Rod Frame and Chassis Construction

Follow every step in building a Model A hot rod roadster pickup chassis, while learning the necessary skills and techniques that can be easily replicated with modest tools found in many home garages or within the means of low budget hot rod builders.

McAllen, TX, August 19, 2011 - The new "StreetRod 101: Hot Rod Frame and Chassis Construction" 4-1/2 hour DVD covers every aspect of street rod and hot rod chassis construction. The newly released DVD from follows step-by-step the construction of a perimeter-type frame for a 1928 Ford roadster pickup with an extended cab. However, the techniques illustrated can be used in the construction of virtually any hot rod or street rod chassis, whether it be for a 1927 Model T, a Model A, a ’23 T-Bucket or even a ’32 Ford.

The DVD follows Bob Hamilton, an experienced home garage street rod builder who became hooked on hot rods in the 50s and who retired after 27 years as a high school vocational shop instructor, teaching auto-mechanics, auto-body, paint and machine shop. The viewer gets to spend literally half a day with Bob in his home shop, looking on as he builds a hot rod chassis and shares his accumulated knowledge from decades of safe, reliable hot rod building.

Everything Bob teaches in this breakthrough video can be done in one's own garage with tools many viewers already have or that are well within the reach of the everyday budget builder. Bob even tells how to easily and economically get things done if certain tools are not available. Bob’s objective in the DVD is to provide the information needed to be able to build a Street Rod that will be economic, safe, fun and pleasing in appearance.

What novice hot rodders will really appreciate and find valuable in this DVD is the fact that Bob Hamilton is not a prima donna builder. He takes the time to show how to correct mistakes, noting that, “they’re part of street rod building — you just suck it up, fix them and move along.”

The 4-1/2 hour "StreetRod 101: Hot Rod Frame and Chassis Construction" DVD is available for $24.95, plus $4 for shipping and handling (no extra charge for international orders) from, a sister website of

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