Monday, October 3, 2011 builds on 100% virus/malware protection record and releases v2.3

With over 113 Millions instances scanned announced a 100% detection and resolution rate for September 2011. 100% of PC infections were stopped before causing problems.

Jackson, WY, October 03, 2011 - Continued Success: With over 113,000,000 instances scanned noodIT Services, LLC. has reported another month with 100% virus & malware prevention across their customer base. Said Kevin Kenny, the company's spokesman; "Our original goal was to provide PC speed enhancements but we've found that one of the most popular features of our service is the Windows security aspect, our customers don't get viruses and malware once they're on our service." He continued "We originally tackled viruses and malware to increase PC speed. Those benefits are evident but our customers report that no longer needing to pay for virus removal every few months is an even bigger benefit." This is the second consecutive month that noodIT has prevent 100% of virus and malware infections for all of their customers. "This streak has become a bit of an office competition, we're working hard to keep this streak going month after month" said Kenny .

New Value: In September noodIT released noodIT v2.3, adding new value to their service. In addition to optimizing PC speed, preventing virus/malware infections and updating Windows and 3rd party applications (Acrobat Reader, Java, Flash etc…) noodIT now notifies their customers when the available space on their hard drive poses a risk to PC speed. Again Kevin Kenny said "We didn't originally approach this problem because we don't know what data can be deleted. By informing them of this common situation we've seen people take action to improve their own systems' speed and reliability" said Kevin Kenny, referring to this new functionality and the v2.3 release. Details can be found at

Getting Social: September marked the start of noodIT Services participation in social media relationships. "We want to be where our customers are so we've finally created a Facebook page and its been really fun connecting with out customers in that environment." Kenny said "To help this new initiative we've even offered Facebook-only deal for our friends." The new page is at

noodIT (short for Never Out Of Date) Services, LLC. is a group of PC experts dedicated to delivering increased PC Speed, Windows security and PC maintenance to their customers. Get a free PC speed DIY guide at

The noodIT service delivers a remote, silent, cheap and effective monthly service for Windows PCs. The systems they maintain are fully protected from viruses and malware, fully updated (both Windows and common applications like Acrobat Reader, Java, Flash etc…) and cleaned & optimized for peak performance. "Like" them on Facebook for 1-month free service at

Kevin Kenny
noodIT Services, LLC.
125 S. King St.
PO Box 15150
Jackson, WY 83001

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