Thursday, January 26, 2012

Insurance King Agent’s Deliver a Personal Touch

Insurance King Agent’s deliver a personal touch. “People like to deal with real people.” says co-founder Dan Block.

Rockford, IL, January 26, 2012 - Insurance King Agent’s deliver a personal touch. “People like to deal with real people.” says co-founder Dan Block. Insurance King has a more personal approach where you deal with your Agent, not a receptionist that covers while your Agent is out golfing, or spending 30 minutes on an automated call trying to find out which button to push to find out how much your bill is this month. “I have my regular customers that like to rub it in when my Chicago Bear’s and Cub’s lose, or bring me a birthday card, or even sometimes lunch.” says Justin Cremeens, Auburn St. Insurance King Manager. Dan, co-founder of Insurance King, encourages that Insurance King Agents engage in a more personal touch when dealing with the customers and referral sources. Dan built Insurance King by going above and beyond what was expected of an Agent. Dan has let customers use his car to take driving tests and even spent every Wednesday for 3 years driving several people each week to the Chicago Secretary of State office to help them get their licenses back the same day, by filing their SR-22 live in person. Back then it would take up to 6 weeks to get a SR-22 filed; today it is 24-48 hrs. Largely due to Dan’s efforts on a mandatory task force that got the state to file SR-22’s electronically.

Insurance King has a mobile office for issuing policies after hours. Serving the Northern IL area, people wishing to buy a policy after hours can contact Insurance King Agent Joe Bitner, who will come to your home or meet you some where public and issue a policy on the spot. Just contact him at the 7th St. office 815-316-9522, if you know in advance that you cannot make it during regular hours or even call after hours. Joe has also been known to setup near road blocks to sell car insurance to people that got no insurance tickets, or he also sits at the city impound yard for people to get their insurance and then get their cars released from the impound.

To get your free quote for car insurance, contact any Insurance King location in Rockford IL and speak to an agent. Insurance King on Alpine Rd office 815-639-0149, Insurance King on Auburn St office 815-968-(KING)5464 , Insurance King on 7th St. office 815-316-9522, or visit to have an agent call you.

Dan Block
Insurance King
123 N. Alpine Rd
Rockford IL 61107

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