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Author JA Carlton Interview Shines Light on “Nick, of Time; Heroes of the Line Book 1”

During a recent Global Talk Radio interview, Austin based author JA Carlton details the core life-lessons at the heart of her YA novel: Nick, of Time; Heroes of the Line Book 1. The interview also draws much needed attention to the Austin Children’s Shelter, Carlton’s charity of choice.

Austin, TX, February 23, 2012 - Thriller writer JA Carlton, in a recent interview with Global Talk Radio, shared some of her sources of inspiration and her plans to continue her “Heroes of the Line” child abuse prevention campaign.

She also revealed one of several new projects she’s working on, the most recent is a non-fiction ‘personal fulfillment advocacy program’ she calls, “Ten Simple Steps to a New, True You”, Carlton is scheduling talks all around the Austin area with multiple spring and summer dates to be announced.

The new project was inspired by Nick, and Frankie Emerson. These two brothers from her Heroes of the Line series, are destined to lead a band of heroes in a war against the Living Dark, and its sinister minions the Schades.

“By book 3, Nick and Frank are finding themselves pressured by some of the other heroes as well as some of their allies, to do things in a way that’s not right for them.

The boys have certain abilities that allow them to see things differently, which is one of the reasons they’re the ones who have to lead the heroes. One of the hardest things they’re going to have to do is to stick to their plan without alienating their allies. It dawned on me that it’s the same balance we all live with daily.”

Carlton’s Global Talk Radio interview was just the first of several publicity events scheduled for this year. Currently she has at least one fund raiser tentatively slated for March of 2012, a 2 month Virtual Book Tour beginning in May, and a series of readings planned to be released on You Tube.

The “Heroes of the Line” campaign is still being run on the “Nick, of Time” Facebook page. Thanks to the great success of her Book-A-Month Giveaway last year Carlton is considering another run this summer, though she will be offering one of her E-Books to each month’s winner instead of a hard copy in an effort to reduce paper waste and resources.

The common thread among Carlton’s books is that the main protagonists (even Randy Custon, “Broken”s serial killer) have all endured horrific childhood traumas. Critics have argued that her writings are exceptionally graphic for little other purpose than ‘shock value’.

Carlton pays her critics little attention, “My stuff’s pretty tame compared to what kids are inundated with through video games, movies and even music videos. I write cautionary tales, warnings to think about how what we do affects the people around us. Most importantly though, they’re a message that abuse can be overcome, and survivors of it can be heroes if they choose.”

Carlton’s first release under Uneak was the Second edition of her psychological thriller “Broken”, a story inspired by actual events that follows a serial killer as he spirals out of control on his quest to confront the person who tortured him as a child.

Her sci-fi “Freedom Fighter” series, takes an almost prophetic look at the results of the current American sociopolitical climate and one possible effect on our near future.

The series takes place in 2055 where America has become a 3,000 mile wide graveyard and 70% of the population has been eradicated by shadowy government agencies. It’s a modern day genetic cleansing program that has forced the remaining citizens to fight for their very survival against those who are supposed to protect them.

And of course, her “Heroes of the Line” series after which her child abuse prevention campaign is named.

The first book, “Nick, of Time” introduces the reader to Nick, and Frank Emerson, the previously mentioned young brothers who learn of the hard destiny before them.

Carlton’s books are published by Uneak Press, Inc. based out of Austin, Tx. Uneak prides itself on being a haven for storytellers, wordsmiths and artisans by choosing to highlight local authors and artists like their newest author, supernatural thriller writer William Holloway whose first endeavor “The Immortal Body” will be released in March of 2012. Uneak Press, Inc. is currently open to submissions.

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