Monday, March 19, 2012

JA Carlton's Adventure "Wednesday's Child" Suggests Dark Political Schemes

Set only a handful of years into the future, speculative fiction piece "Wednesday's Child"; by novelist JA Carlton, paints an apocalyptic picture of America's future born from today's economic and sociopolitical antics.

Austin, TX, March 19, 2012 - "Wednesday's Child" the first book in JA Carlton's "Freedom Fighter" series, attempts a prophetic look at the results of the current American sociopolitical climate and one possible effect on our near future.

The series explores the manifest consequences of social narcissism and political vagaries on the unsuspecting population of today's intentionally misinformed Americans.

Book one, "Wednesday's Child" introduces the reader to a band of heroes led by a genetically engineered soldier named Jade McKay who comes under investigation for the murder of her Commanding Officer. The investigation is a ploy by a shadowy government agency with its own sinister agenda, to demand her extradition back into their hands.

In a twist of fate, while on a mission Jade learns the true motivations behind her Commander's murder as well as the motivations behind the enemy's efforts to retrieve her and use her as a "new Eve" for their eugenics program.

In a last ditch effort to protect herself from extradition, Jade must expose just enough of the government's plans to the remaining population to motivate her fellow Americans to action without forcing those behind the scenes to destroy what's left of the country's people.

Drawing on classic 'science fiction' elements like time-travel, to real-life genetic technology; Carlton paints a terrifying picture of corporate driven social and political ambition gone awry. At the same time, she manages to consistently shine an honest light on the best qualities of the people the survivors of this corporate created holocaust sought to destroy.

"The indomitable nature of the human spirit and our ability to overcome adversity is what inspires my stories. Hopefully it always will." Says Carlton.

JA Carlton is the foundation author at Uneak Press, Inc. an Austin, Tx. based publishing company that seeks out local artisans like their newest addition to the family William Holloway. Holloway's first novel "The Immortal Body" will be hitting shelves this summer and is already available electronically for both Kindle and Nook.

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