Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reverse Aging-Grow Younger Live Longer!

Fred Smith launches blog site to introduce exciting formulation for Reverse Aging along with products that do not contain harmful ingredients.

Reno, NV, June 25, 2012 - Fred Smith launches new blog site introducing great product line that are carcinogen free, non toxic and contain no harmful ingredients. Our newest introduction is a formulation called TS-X.

The 2009 Nobel Prize that was awarded for discoveries in Telomere science has opened the eyes of scientists, researchers, and tens of millions around the world. Fred Smith says it has given hope for what many believe may be the single greatest discovery in the history of human health. Reverse Aging-Grow younger live longer.

Smith says that the dream of the fountain of youth was always a fantasy but now many believe it will soon be a reality. Aging is not a disease but a compilation of degenerative conditions of which “90% are environmental and only 10% genetic, says Dr. Aubrey de Grey PhD, theoretician in the field of gerontology.

TS-X is a ground breaking formula based on brand new ideas and concepts that were discovered and submitted to the 2009 Nobel prize for medicine. Smith says TS-X is the power to reverse the look and feel of aging!

If you are interested in products that are toxin free Fred Smith is able to assist your needs. Fred Smith can be reached at 775 826 8509 or online at: or my blog

Fred Smith
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  1. Great info Fred! Thanks for sharing and going to order and try these products for sure!

    1. You are welcome John Peddy. Sisel is definietley a company to be reckoned with. Constantly adding new formulations!

  2. These products are really changing lives. I have heard enough testimonials to know that I will have to get on TS-X so that I can get younger and healthier too. Thanks for sharing Fred.

    1. Thanks Haylin and I appreciate your comment!