Friday, June 7, 2013

Domain Name Now on The Market for Immediate Sale

Taking the time to find the best domain name will provide long-term branding opportunities.

Paris, France, June 08, 2013 - Why Buy The Domain Name ?

The domain name is Short, Descriptive and Memorable.

Short with only 7 letters total, versus the comparable dot com with 10 letters. This domain name comes into its own when used in conjunction with SMS and Instant Messaging services, and especially Twitter with its 140-character limit on tweets.

Descriptive, tells visitors exactly what to expect when they visit the website.

Memorable, is easy for someone to remember, sounds familar to visitors (even if they haven't visited the website before), and it can convey trust to prospective clients.

Why Use Domain Name Extensions to Express Company's Name or Product ?

The perfect fusion of creativity and innovation, a domain name hack is an excellent startup domain used and trusted by Apple (,, Google (,, Microsoft (,, HP (, Instagram (, Bitly (, SocialFlow (, Mcafee (, Zynga (, Netflix (, TIME Magazine (, Huffington Post (, NY Times ( (acquired by Yahoo!), (acquired by Yahoo!), (acquired by Google), (acquired by Google), (acquired by Facebook), (acquired by,,, etc.

Domain name hacks are the best alternatives to dot-com domains and more startups and companies adopting them, making these domain names ever more valuable.

They are easier to type. Given how popular mobile web navigation is now, keeping the domain names short is crucial. Apps may handle a lot of navigations, but if mobile users see a URL somewhere, they would have to type it in. Typing on mobile devices is not as easy as on desktops and laptops. Domain name hacks make it as convenient as possible for someone to type a URL. A shorter domain name also gives more versatility in mobile site design as it easily fits on a smaller screen.

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