Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Straight Line PR Offers Affordable PR Membership Packages

Straight Line PR is a public relations and marketing agency which provides business to business communication within the trade media now offers Membership packages for Press releases and video distribution services.

Mumbai, India, September 11, 2013 - Straight Line PR (http://straightlinepr.com) is an online public relations firm based out of Mumbai, India, offering affordable and highly effective press release distribution services that are ideal for organizations of all types and sizes. Our services are particularly well suited to entrepreneurs and small/midsize businesses that want to take advantage of the many benefits press releases & videos can offer.

PR Membership Packages:
We offer Press release distribution service to 70 websites with Hyperlinks & Google Search Report at just $15 USD for each Press release. We also run Membership Packages for this PR Package for $1750 with 1 year unlimited Press release distribution services.

By Paying $1750, Straight Line PR will automatically track your newsroom in your website and will publish your Press release to 70 websites with 4 Hyperlinks & Detailed Report for 1 year from the Date of contract.

Some of the Benefits in our Membership Packages:
1. Very affordable price package.
2. Immediate Email response.
3. PR Distribution with Images & Logos wherever possible.
4. Credits reminding notification for each Distribution.
5. Unlimited Press release Distribution, so that you can submit up to 4 releases per day.
6. Google search report for all your Press releases.
7. Detailed Manual Collection of links for every releases within 7 days from submission.
8. Immediate & Manual submission. No Softwares.
9. Big Impact for a Small Price and much more.

We offer these benefits for all our clients at affordable price. Agencies like Public Relations, Marketing, Market researching, Law firms, Stock firms, Educational Instituions etc. uses Press release distribution services regularly. So, Straight Line PR offers this membership packages for these types of Agencies & Individuals to promote their Press releases online and also we employ a fresh approach backed by a wealth of experience to provide an exceptional service using the various forms of available media.

About Straight Line PR:
Based in India, Straight Line PR draws on worth of Public Relations and journalism experience to deliver real-world results for today's discriminating decision maker. From Small companies to Medium sized companies and from medium sized companies to large companies, Straight Line Public Relations has earned its stripes by delivering the results businesses demand. Everyday our team delivers creative solutions for your business by going outside the box to bring customers,clients and media exposure.

Straight Line PR is a press release distribution service. Unlike many other press release distribution services, we care about quality press releases. A common problem in today's distributions are distributors who publish anything to make money. This results in journalists and editors ignoring such places after time.

For more information, Please contact John M Paul at info@straightlinepr.com or visit http://www.Straightlinepr.com

John M Paul
Straight Line PR
4th Avenue, Jawahar Nagar
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400069

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