Friday, October 4, 2013

Why Consumers Praise Better Shea Butters’ Excellent Customer Service

Through setting a great example, Better Shea Butter is proving that shopping online doesn’t mean that consumers shouldn’t expect any other than excellent customer service and premium quality products.

Houston, TX, October 04, 2013 - With people turning to online shopping in droves, consumers are often missing out on that all important customer service. That’s unless they are dealing with Better Shea Better. This company started trading on earlier this year with the launch of their premium grade, unrefined, organic Shea Butter. Unlike many other virtual enterprises, Better Shea Better puts as much effort into customer service as they do into their products. This is great news for consumers looking for quality natural beauty products, complemented by attentive, personal customer service.

When Better Shea Butter customer Mary received her order of Shea Butter she was delighted with the product:

“This is a wonderful product. Fresh, well-packaged and very easy to work with. It arrived promptly as well. I appreciate the packaging because I only use portions of it for the various recipes and by rewrapping it in the plastic, returning it to the sturdy bag it arrives in, and then storing it in a cool, dark place, it has stayed fresh since I opened it.”

However, it wasn’t only the Shea Butter that impressed Mary; the excellent customer service was also greatly appreciated:

“I contacted the seller because I wanted to receive the free recipe e-book. I received a response very promptly (which also included a video on how to prepare Whipped Shea Butter) I started email dialogue with the retailer (Isabella), asking questions about recipes, products, and uses.”

Mary goes on to explain what happened next and the great relationship that she has developed as a result of trading with Better Shea Butter:

“Isabella responded fully and quickly, also welcoming my input. Isabella was enthusiastically receptive to my ideas and it felt really good to know that I might be contributing to something that other people might appreciate or benefit from. Isabella also welcomes feedback about the recipes. I highly recommend purchasing products from Better Shea Butter.”

It’s this level of commitment to excellent customer service that makes Better Shea Butter stand out from the crowd, proving that online shopping can still be a personable, rewarding experience. Thus, it’s no wonder that Better Shea Butter is ranked amongst the top ten supplier of Shea Butter on Amazon. With more products to be launched, customers can continue to look forward to excellent customer service and superior merchandise from Better Shea Butter.

Lisa Girard
Better Shea Butter
9310 Rhythm Lane
Houston, TX 77040

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