Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Numis Network Today Officially Welcomes Terry Sauerbier to their Marketing team as an Executive Representative

The new plan is a vehicle for creating financial success through buying and selling collectible numismatic coins which have added value based on the overall rating.

Tampa Bay, FL, July 28, 2011 - Numis Network today officially welcomes Terry Sauerbier to their marketing team as an Executive Representative. Mr. Sauerbier brings years of expertise to the representatives of Numis Networks and embodies the Numis Network company’s mission statement: "To help people around the world live wealthier and happier lives."

With the new and improved Numis Network compensation plan in tow, Sauerbier hopes to share this amazing business opportunity with as many seasoned professionals and new network marketers alike. The new plan is a vehicle for creating financial success through buying and selling collectible numismatic coins which have added value based on the overall rating.

"With the current economic uncertainty, Numis Network is the single opportunity I have found, that is allowing its executive representatives to offer a product which has tangible intrinsic value with the potential to increase in its own value as time passes. It is the one product which once acquired, helps build financial portfolios, creates wealth, and can pay for itself handsomely. As for sharing the opportunity with others wanting a credible professional business opportunity today, There is no comparison to Numis!," said Terry Sauerbier, soon to be a leading figure in the Numis Network.

Numis Network’s executive representatives are rewarded as much for the success of their sales and marketing teams as they are on their own, meaning that each representative’s performance is inexorably linked to his or her dedication to mentoring new associates.

Numis Network’s compensation plan allows for high income potential through a combination of commissions, bonuses, and a binary system of compensation through the total marketing efforts of the entire team combined in an executive representative network. For example, representatives can earn as much as $50,000 directly through completed sales of their downline marketing team alone.

Among the most attractive of the incentives included in the compensation plan are the one-time $5,000 bonuses and the multi-hundred dollar monthly bonuses for buying a new 6 or 7 series silver BMW.

And the Numis Network’s compensation plan also offers Luxury Incentive Award Trips for distinguished leaders. The last contest featured a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean.

"Not often do you come across a company that really emphasizes the success of the entire team. I am proud to become a member and team leader of this remarkable business opportunity, and the quality of leadership of individuals, like Ray Higdon, David Wood, Chris Paraldi, and Burke Hedges, "Who Stole The American Dream II" author, just to name a few has been beyond speech." Says Terry Sauerbier.

"I have full confidence that once someone investigates this business opportunity, there will be no looking back! Who wouldn’t want a career in "promoting money, selling money, to make money!" That’s why financial planners from all over the USA and Canada are taking notice of the Numis Network and referring their clients to us to purchase and invest in numismatic coins as part of their financial portfolio’s"

Terry Sauerbier
Numis Network, LLC
615 Channelside Drive
Suite 201
Tampa, Florida 33602
+1 (866) 920-1080

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